Biosphere Technology – The Green Solution of the Future

Biosphere technology is the solution of tomorrow made available today. It involves cutting edge gasification processes to convert solid wastes into electric power. It is futuristic in the sense that it can exceed the efficiency of current brown energy sources while at the same time also surpassing the ecological friendliness of today’s green energy sources. It is like next generation energy source that has combined the desirable traits of both brown and green technologies while leaving behind the unwanted ones.

Biosphere technology makes use of technologically advanced biosphere machines to eliminate solid wastes and produce clean electricity as a by-product. It will forever revolutionize waste-to-energy technologies and empower the sustainability industry to the extent that consumers will actually start to switch from conventional sources such as coal and oil to cleaner ones. Biosphere machines have been tested under strict international standards and have broken the records for the highest energy-to-mass conversion ratio, lowest waste-to-feedstock ratio, and highest recyclables-to-waste ratio. With these statistics alone, it is at a wholly different league when compared to any other energy technology.

The secret behind biosphere technology’s remarkable energy-to-mass conversion ratio of a maximum of 97% is its sophisticated five-stage biosphere gasification process. The process subjects the feedstock to very high but controlled temperatures that automatically adjust to the optimal temperature to break down the wastes. The resulting particles are then further processed and are manipulated to transform into extremely hot steam of pure energy. The steam is then further manipulated to turn into fuel for generators that produce electricity. The resulting electricity is so efficient it can be sold commercially. It is by far the only green electricity that surpasses brown electricity in terms of efficiency.

The reason why biosphere has such a low waste-to-feedstock ratio is because of the structure of biosphere machines. These machines are integrated with an air tight chamber that houses the gasification process. The chambers do not allow even air particles such as oxygen and carbon gases to pass through. Hence during the conversion of trash into energy, no greenhouse gas emissions or gaseous wastes are released into the atmosphere. Coupled with the high energy-to-mass conversion rate, this is definitely the least polluting energy generation process man has ever seen.

Biosphere technology also boasts the highest recyclables-to-waste ratio because of the efficient way it decomposes waste. Of the little solid by-products produced, up to 90% can be recycled and resold into the market to offset part of the costs incurred in the operation of the biosphere machines. This is the highest portion of recyclable wastes an energy technology has ever possessed. This is another feature that proves that this green technology is indeed the greenest of all green solutions.

Biosphere technology is just what the world and we need in order to get back something that we have lost for centuries, a green planet. The planet has taken care of our kind for so long and the least could do is take care of it. And the first step is preventing the pollution that is like a tumor constantly and relentlessly devastating Mother Nature.


Marking the End of Pollution With Biosphere Technology

Pollution is the greatest threat to life today. It has the potential to end the lives of not only humans, plants, and animals but also that of our planet. The greatest offshoots of pollution are global warming and climate change. Global warming involves the abnormal rise in land and sea surface temperatures of the earth leading to the melting of polar ice caps which result to rising sea levels. Hundreds of islands and cities have already been submerged underwater and thousands more are in danger. Climate change on the other hand involves erratic weather patterns and sudden seasonal changes such as abnormally heavy rainfall, fierce storms and frequent tornadoes.

Pollution is man’s greatest enemy. Ironically, pollution is one of man’s creations. And so it is man’s responsibility to get rid of pollution. The war against pollution had been going on for decades. All efforts seemed futile and pollution always managed to survive. But things are about to change. Man now has a weapon that has the potential to completely eliminate waste. This blessed weapon is biosphere technology. Biosphere technology combats waste in two ways: first it destroys existing solid wastes, and second it prevents further pollution.

Biosphere technology gets rid of waste by turning it into energy. The solid waste is placed inside gasification chambers where it is digested by biosphere machines and transformed into extremely hot steam that is later converted into electrical power. Gaining free energy every time you eliminate waste is more than enough incentive to motivate people to participate in the destruction of waste. All the trash loitered around and all the garbage lying in dumpsites will be reduced to nothing but pure and clean energy by biosphere technology.

Biosphere technology also serves as an alternative energy source to brown technologies which contaminate our atmosphere. It is classified as a green technology and member of the sustainability industry because it can generate electricity with minimal amounts of pollution due to the fact the gasification process is performed inside oxygen limited chambers. Finally, we can have all the energy we desire without bringing detriment to the environment. We can now move forward towards an era of green energy technologies. We can now make brown energy technologies such as coal and oil nothing but things of the past.


The Reality Gap Part 6: The Technology Industry

No industrial sector right now is flying as high as technology. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are climbing the ranks as the biggest businesses in the world. No strangers to innovation, these companies have found some very fascinating ways to project a certain image, style, and status to the public. Today, nothing is more revered or coveted by consumers than the newest piece of gadgetry or technology. But it is immensely important to keep in mind that these companies aren’t as much out to make functional and fantastic products as they are to sell them.

The most widely recognized example of the gap between actual product quality and perceived quality right now is Apple’s new tablet, the iPad. Termed a “magical device” by the company itself, the iPad has been sold in record-shattering quantities across the globe in the past few months. But, when asked where this technology is manufactured, most iPad owners probably couldn’t tell you. In fact, they’ve been so overwhelmed by its “coolness” that they probably haven’t even given it a thought. The reality is that they are made in China, along with most other modern pieces of technology. This, of course, is not to say that the iPad isn’t a highly advanced, high-quality device, as it most certainly is. But the image that Apple’s marketing team and CEO Steve Jobs have given it doesn’t completely match the product itself.

Another facet in the technology industry’s use of image and the reality gap is the concept of “latest and greatest”. Though a given product may suit a consumer’s needs well, they are easily convinced that a given company’s newest device will suit their needs even better. It is another example of masterful image creation because it taps into the old American idea of “keeping up with the Joneses”. That is, the consumer feels a need to have whatever is newest in order to achieve a sense of self-efficacy and status. The technology industry knows this adage well, and takes advantage of it. To see how, look no further than how often companies like Microsoft come out with new software. The differences between MS Word 2003 and 2010, for example, are largely minimal except for looks and design. But the consumer, whenever he or she sees that a new version of a certain software is coming out, feels compelled to buy it. The actual differences between the older product and the newer one may be minuscule. But by creating an image of the “newest and best”, technology companies tap into the consumer’s innate desire to have the most advanced products.

Perhaps no industry is more adept at taking advantage of the reality gap than technology. It is arguably one of the biggest reasons for the sector’s immense success over the past few decades. Honestly, it can’t be argued that their products have revolutionized society. But consumers should certainly be aware of the hype and largely false image that technology industries create so effectively. By staying sharp, one can separate the true beneficial qualities of technology companies’ products from consumerist ideals and conjecture.


Probiotics Health Information – Benefits Of Probiotics

Did you know that other cultures have been aware of and using probiotics for many generations? It is only in the last fifteen years that countries like America have started to believe in the power of probiotics health. If you’re wondering about the interactions of probiotics and health, and whether you could live a happier life with probiotics health supplements, it’s important to learn a little bit more about what they are and how they work. With some research, it’s likely you’ll agree that taking probiotics on a daily basis is one of the best ways to use probiotics for health.

You Are What You Eat

It might seem like that this simple saying is only useful for getting little kids to eat their vegetables, but when you start to investigate the issues of probiotics and health, you start to see that your digestive system is one of your body’s most violent battle grounds.

• Harmful toxins, bacteria, and other organisms try to get into your digestive tract and make trouble for your body.
• If you’ve had trouble with stomach pains, irritable bowels, or indigestion, there’s a good chance it’s because of what you’re eating.
• Probiotics health advocates know that a daily probiotics health supplement can help improve the balance of good bacteria against bad bacteria.

What Are Probiotics For Health?

Did you know that there are some foods that just naturally contain probiotics for health? Yogurt, miso soup, tempeh, and other similar foods are chock full of probiotics for health. The only problem is that for most people, these are foods eaten once or twice a month, and maybe even less. If you want to understand how powerful probiotics and health can be, it’s important to think about drastically changing your diet, or purchasing a probiotics health supplement.

What Are The Probiotics Health Benefits?

If you’re starting to be pretty convinced that probiotics could change the way you feel and digest food, you’re probably excited to try a probiotic supplement. But did you know the benefits of probiotics don’t stop with a better digestive system? Taking a probiotics supplement can actually help you to get more nutrients out of the food you eat, resulting in healthier bowels, immune booster, and less risk of digestive upsets. Who knew that the secret to staying young and living longer was located in the supplement aisle of you local grocery store? If you’re tired of feeling sluggish and ill, try probiotics for health today.


Avmed Health Plans – Florida Health Insurance

Avmed health plans have provided peace of mind and financial protection from rising medical care costs to Floridians for over forty years. As a regional healthcare plan, Avmed works hard to provide customers with the same customer service and healthcare options as those offered by nationally recognized names in the health insurance industry. In fact, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) statewide rating system for health insurance providers gave Avmed a score of 77%, a whopping 12 percentage points higher than the average health insurance provider in Florida. The rating covered assessments of providers and healthcare systems based on consumer opinions and assessment results.

In addition to ranking among the highest in Florida based on consumer assessment, Avmed health plans also scored ahead of previous years in areas such as specialist physicians, personal doctors, and the communication skills of said professionals. Consumers also rated these professionals and submitted their assessments based on specialists they saw or their experiences with their personal physician. Additionally, in 2008, NCQA rated commercial as well as Medicare products offered by Avmed as excellent, a difficult rating to get, especially given that the rating is based on plans and providers all over the country.

With so many accolades and more accredited to Avmed health plans, it is easy to understand why they enjoy such success and popularity in the state of Florida. Combine these awards and distinctions with other accomplishments such as “B” or better ratings for operational performance and excellent ratings for the company’s financial health, new plan members can rest assured that this regional health insurance provider will be around for a good while. However, if plan benefits and sound financial health of the company are not enough to convince you to make the choice to change plans, there are social responsibility initiatives involved with Avmed.

Avmed health plans and the Avmed company are back by SantaFe Healthcare, Inc. As the holding company of Avmed, SantaFe is a conglomerate of non-profit companies. These companies are all community based and offer a combined workforce of almost 2,000 employees. SantaFe also runs Haven Hospice and several retirement communities such as Bella Terra in Clearwater, East Ridge at Cutler Bay, as well as The Village in Gainesville. By working with such nonprofit companies, senior living facilities, and end of life care facilities, Avmed benefits from SantaFe Healthcare’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry, including managing patient care and needs. If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help you obtain a health insurance quote, and save up to 50% on your monthly premium.


Different Types of Cheap Health Insurance Plans

Looking for a very efficient but cheap health insurance plan has always been a difficult task. Spending numerous hours reading and listening to sales plans which usually have a similar nature will not aid you in locating a cheap health insurance plan that can significantly satisfy your health needs in the best way possible. As always, you will be coming across countless reputable companies within your area that will promise tempting coverage and benefits that are often too expensive.

With everything going out of hand, what you essentially need is a bit of information on the different types of cheap health insurance plans that are available and try to determine for yourself the best type that will suit you.

Network Plans
If you are quite determined in finding a cheap health insurance rate, then you might find a Health Maintenance Organization plan very attractive. With this type of plan, you will be asked to name your own primary care physician or “gate-keeper.” On every occasion that you will visit your doctor, you will be tasked to fill up and complete a PCP’s referral. In cases where you find yourself unsatisfied with your PCP’s performance, you have the choice of changing to another one. The health insurance rates in HMOs are much cheaper and affordable than the conventional health insurance plans.

HSAs and Catastrophic Health Insurance Approach
If you are after a cheap health insurance plan, then you might find refuge in the Health Savings Account or HSA. In this type of approach, you will be required deliver a pre-tax to the account that is mainly allotted for you. Whenever there is an urgent medical situation that you need to attend to, you can simply withdraw the money from your account. However, if your account has not been used up by the end of a year, the remaining amount of money can be left in the account for it to accumulate a huge interest. If you are not searching for pre-existing conditions that are mostly present among numerous health covers and specifically want an insurance plan that will account for your emergency health conditions, then this type of approach is the best option.

Indemnity Plan
This type of plan is not like any other traditional plan, but it can pretty much assure anyone instant benefits for whatever type of pressing event. Through this plan, pre-determined money is paid to you whenever you lodge a money claim intended for a valid emergency cause. This type of plan is considered as a cheap health insurance plan and can be very beneficial when it is used with a significantly high deductible insurance plan.


Health Insurance – Anxiety Medication

Benzodiazepines are a class of medications commonly used to treat anxiety by seeking to restore balance to the brain chemicals which contribute to anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and similar anxiety-related symptoms. Depending on the type of health care insurance you have, such treatment may or may not be covered under your plan. Economy healthcare plans, high deductible health insurance plans, HMOs, and PPOs, since their primary driving focus is keeping costs below a maximum per patient average, will often eliminate mental health care coverage. Rather than including it in standard coverage, consumers may have to purchase a separate rider for such treatments to be eligible for reimbursement.

Benzodiazepines may also be used for off-label treatments not normally listed in the medication information. Off label treatments are simply treatments for other conditions not normally associated with treatment of anxiety disorders or other mental health care diagnoses. For example, there are older blood pressure medications which have been successfully used to treat aggression when used in small doses. However, these medications were originally designed to treat blood pressure. Therefore, it is possible for a health insurance provider to pay for these medications under standard health care policies rather than mental health.

For patients experiencing the symptoms of anxiety disorders and similar mental health conditions for which benzodiazepines are prescribed, determining financial responsibility for things such as prescriptions can be a difficult topic to navigate. However, for those patients without health insurance coverage, or whose coverage denies mental health claims, there are numerous prescription assistance programs that can help. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers sponsor or administer such programs to help patients without insurance get the proper treatment for their illness or disorder. Unfortunately, these programs do not cover doctor visits or other therapies, so patients must find other financial assistance for these expenses.

The good news for both insured and uninsured patients is that benzodiazepines and other classes of medications used to treat anxiety are not terribly expensive. Granted, new medications which have been released to the market only recently may indeed be expensive, especially for those without health insurance coverage. Nevertheless, many medications in this class of drugs have generic alternatives which provide substantial savings. For example, medications such as Xanax and Valium, when purchased as generics, can cost as little as $10 per 30 day supply. In fact, you can find some pharmacies in certain regions where such prescriptions are only $4, thus making them affordable for even limited budgets.If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help you obtain a health insurance quote, and save up to 50% on your monthly premium.


Five Key Steps in Starting a Small Business

Starting a business requires a lot of planning and hard work. It is important that you start out your business on the right foot with a good foundation. This will set your business up for the best chance at success. When you take the proper steps in starting a business you will find things run smoother and that your business simply runs better.

Step #1: Create a Detailed Business Plan

A business plan is like a guide to your business. It tells you and others what you expect to do with your business, lays out goals and outlines every aspect of the business. You will find that your business plan is used a lot in your business, especially when you are just starting a business. You will need on if you are going to try to get conventional funding because banks expect to see a well thought out business plan.

Your business plan should outline every aspect of your business, from management to cost projections to earnings expectations to employees. You have to make sure you cover everything about your business and your business goals in your business plan. It can help to get some assistance or at least some guidance from professionals when writing your plan. You can find help in writing your plan through the Small Business Administration.

Step #2: Handle All Legal Aspects of the Business

When starting a business you will have a lot of different things to handle. One area that will need a lot of attention is the legal aspects. This includes permits, licenses and dealing with any type of legal issues that may be particular to your business. It is a good idea to always consult with an attorney on these issues. Failure to get your legal stuff in order could result in fines or possibly keep you from being able to open your business.

Step #3: Get your Taxes in Order

Taxes are something everyone has to deal with and business taxes can be even more complex than your persona taxes. If you will have employees then you will need to have an employer identification number. You will also need to get a god accountant and figure out how you will be handling payroll. Again, when it comes to taxes, like the legal aspects, you need to get professional help.

Step #4: Create a Plan for Marketing

Marketing is essential to your business. Without marketing nobody will know you exist and you won’t be able to make good profits. You will find that it is too easy to go wrong with marketing. There are many options and many different things that you can do. You need a good plan. You have to reach your target market and make sure that you are using your marketing dollars wisely.


How to Establish Business Credit For Entrepreneurs

I’m going to speak frankly about how business credit is established. Business credit building has certainly advanced and developed in the last 10 years. Internet has played a significant role in many industries, and more particularly industries such as business credit, business finance, unsecured loans, unsecured credit cards etc.

A New companies ability to use technology and certain algorithms to determine why the credit bureaus give the ratings for both good and bad credit for business has been a tremendous break through for many.

Below are some of the more critical steps needed to effectively establish corporate credit.

Form a business entity. You can incorporate yourself, whatever you need to do form a Corporation. There is plenty of information on the web to make is easy for people to learn how to incorporate. Be sure and the business is set up complete and properly.

The business will need a bank account, a phone line, a business license, a website, e-mail, everything that will appear as you are an operating business with a bright future, especially when attempting to obtain corporate loans.

The key is to present a true business presence.

You can however operate from home as long as you have a dedicated business line that is answered in the name of the business or a voice mail box that answers in the name of the business. There are corporate services that will help with these types arrangements but they are not necessary, and corporate strategies such as this can sometimes hinder the process. This is why a good online business credit system is so essential, it will guide you every step of the way.

The next step after you have form Corporation, establish a business profile with the major business reporting bureaus. Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax Business, Experian business.

This can be done easily with a good corporate credit online system. Be sure the system you use is integrated directly with Experian. There is a corporate strategy that will set up the credit bureau profiles for the business entity, so be sure to do your homework and seek out the various methods used by the system you choose.

Do your research to determine the latest 20 item checklist that will need to be completed before you begin the application process. Once you have met the 20 item checklist which is detailed in a good business credit system, you can move forward to applying to the specific lenders that will actually report your credit profile for your company.

Just because the lender claims to lend unsecured loans,does not mean that they will report your good credit. It’s important to understand which lenders report way and you are in the early stages of establishing corporate credit.


Reasons Businesses Fail – Don’t Let Your Small Business Fail

Every business has its challenges to make sure it is successful but small businesses and home businesses have their own unique challenges. While large businesses and franchising is a challenge to start, small businesses have much less support and direction than a well established large company. Advertising and marketing is usually a huge weak point for the inexperienced business owner and can be a root cause of failure. This article will go over some of the reasons small businesses fail and things that can be done to help prevent that failure.

Reasons Small Businesses and Work at Home Opportunities Fail

Unlike traditional businesses, small businesses (especially work from home opportunities) don’t have the accountability factor a large business does. For example, when you start a franchise you have a lot of things keeping you on track. Even though you ‘own’ the business there are store hours, employees that need your direction, customers that expect you to be there, business partners to answer to and usually the fact that you left your full-time job and have to make the business work to pay the bills. All these things hold you accountable and keep you on track with a big business, but this isn’t the case with a small business. Since most people are used to having a job with a boss and a set schedule, running a business is difficult to adjust to. When all these accountability factors aren’t in place a person tends to slack off and let the business slide when there is nothing around that ‘requires’ consistent action.

Another Big Reason

Another reason there is a higher failure rate with small businesses is that anyone can start one even if they have no experience with owning a business. The average person can’t start a large business or franchise that has successful marketing and support because it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first place. Plus, the franchisor or business investors usually require previous business experience and a lengthy training period before a franchise can be opened. There are plenty of other reasons but these two alone are enough to keep anyone that isn’t 100% serious about starting a business from opening a large scale company.

In Contrast

This is usually not the case with a small business. Many small and home based businesses can be started for well under $1000 which makes it very affordable for most people. This affordability is one of the problems many times. Since there isn’t a lot of money tied up in the business it is much easier to quit or slack off when hard times come or when the owner loses focus. This would never happen if the person had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the business, left their full time job to run it and had a family depending on the business to succeed so the mortgage can get paid.