New Breakthrough In Car Protection And Maatainence Techniques

The automatic car umbrella is a relief for car owners who live in big cities where the cost of owning a garage goes up way beyond affordability and the availability of such spaces are almost negligible. The car automatic umbrella measures 2100mm*35000mm in terms of total dimensions. But do not be fooled by its large size it cannot as much accommodate your car but can fold up into a small tube sack which can be carried almost anywhere quite easily in the back of your car. Having this umbrella around and over the vehicle can easily protect the car’s internal system which really takes up a toll due to overheating if left outside and unprotected in the blazing sun. The installation takes a maximum of thirty seconds.

The handiest device currently for your car

Automatic car umbrellas are basically of two types:

The first kind fits the roof of your car, covering only the top part and extending a bit over the edges. It is a great Car cover [ร่มคลุมรถ, which is the term in Thai] the second kind is like as a shade that is portable. It can be taken anywhere for outdoor ventures such as a picnic or work-related projects. And if you are not quite sure about the use and instalment of a visit he lanmodo website for such kind of information.

Get a super versatile protective device for your car 

The lanmodo car umbrella [ร่มรถ, which is the term in Thai] is speedy while functioning. It has been praised by multiple users after they witnessed changes in how their car looked and felt only after a few days of usage.

It is made from a fibreglass material that’s the military-grade which means it can withstand a moderate amount of rain, snow and debris. It is also windproof and the security system installed in it makes it super safe for the car against thieves.


What Every Translator Should Know

The translator has a special relationship with words and is continually looking for the perfect term for that context, for that target audience, for that reading rhythm. He works in the rear, like a director behind the camera, to give voice to a text that otherwise could not cross the borders of the country in which it was created.

Enter the terms in a personal glossary

You will facilitate the search and shorten the working time.

If you come across a term that you have already found in some other document, you will not have to try litmus or desperately look for the correct equivalent with the same emphasis with which the gold miners seek gold: everything is already enclosed there, in your glossary.

For the work to be truly complete, next to each word indicates the source you drew from to find it; in case of doubt, you will always know where to go back to look.

Before translating, always read the text from beginning to end and do not take personal initiatives 

A complete first reading of the Document translation(รับแปลเอกสาร which is the term in thai) will allow you to get an idea of ​​the topic and the difficulties you will encounter along your way.

The translated text must be the same as the original in style, content, and form; it is a faithful copy of it, not a second edition that you revisited.

On the contrary, feel free to report any errors, ask for clarifications and explanations or transform and make explicit the structure of a sentence – without alternating its meaning, I recommend! -If some tweaks are necessary to make the text usable even in the target language.

Use CAT Tools critically.

 It is not my intention to prevent you from using and knowing these assisted translation tools; I want to get out of your mind the idea that they can do the work for you.

CAT is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Translation. They are computer programs, not human brains, which translate by recognizing the terminology sequence as part of their database. For this reason, they are perfect for assisting you in the translation of texts characterized by a high degree of repetitiveness, such as individual instruction booklets.

If you are given deadlines, stick to them

Meeting deadlines is undoubtedly synonymous with professionalism in every job.

But be careful! It is not enough to have finished the job in time to be professional; you must also make sure that the work delivered is not summary and hasty.

Take your time, read and reread the text – maybe hours or the next day, depending on the time you have available – and work in absolute tranquility, where nobody can disturb you most efficiently and effectively possible.

Staying true to the original text doesn’t necessarily mean translating literally

It means doing everything possible to convey the original message without burrs, inconsistencies, or ambiguities, taking care of its shape, style, and correctness, aware of the fact that there are cases in which translating word by word complicates the understanding of the text unnecessarily.


How to build up an online presence for your business?

In today’s technological world it is very important if you own a business to have an online presence of that business. This simply means that you will have to have a business website put up online. However, putting up a business website is not the only thing you will need in this regard. If you consult with marketing agencies you will come to know of a term that is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It simply refers to the technique of writing or designing a website that will ensure that your website comes as a top result on a search engine. These SEO services are provided by specialized writers and designers online.

Why SEO writers or developers are necessary?

Now one may think why specialized writers or designers are required for web content writing? Well, the answer is fairly simple because SEO writing is very different from ordinary writing. If you actually look at the SEO contents you will see that there is a certain type according to which the contents are developed. Like for example, the keyword around which your business and website are to write needs to be mentioned in the right places for a specific number of times. Then there are other forms of obligations and guidelines that one needs to follow in order to make sure that a website is optimized as per the algorithm of different search engines. This also means your website needs to designed separately for different search engine results ranking. Thus SEO agencies provide you with both trained SEO writers and designers to ensure that you get the best results with your business website. By optimizing your website as per search engine requirements you can very easily get more online traffic to your website. This ensures that new consumers and customers come to your website.

Get in touch with the best SEO services in Thailand

So if you are looking for seo comapany thailand then make sure you pay a visit to minimice group. They are the most experienced and efficient SEO service provider. So if you are to hire SEO agency make sure you get in touch with minimice group via their official website.


Tips to Grow Your Online Business

Online business (ธุรกิจออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) faces increasing competition each year. With online shopping demands multiplying, small online store owners can benefit from using these special online selling tips to keep up with the competition.

Personalize Your Marketing to Grow Online Sales

Personalized marketing can significantly improve your overall online sales. This activity is tailored to the individual visitor, and it’s is easier to motivate consumers if they can easily relate and identify with your brand. To achieve this, you need to adopt strategies and tools that’ll allow you to pass a message to each website visitor directly.

Be Transparent About the Delivery Options You Offer 

Most cart abandonment is as a result of hidden delivery costs at check out. Shipping options affect the buyer’s decision-making process; hence buyers should be offered the opportunity to determine their shipping preferences. You might think free delivery would excite all customers, but in reality, most consumers would prefer to pay a premium to receive their items quicker.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Consumers have the luxury of shopping from various online shops, so give them a reason to visit your business. Alongside having great websites and blogs, having an excellent customer service will draw customers to you. Customer service tools are a worthwhile investment.

Gather Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business

You can build confidence in your products by gathering customer product reviews. Positive product reviews can significantly boost your sales, so it helps to allow your customers to leave reviews on your website. It can be challenging to motivate customers to leave a review, as most of them are not interested in spending more time on your website. Hence you need to develop strategies that will simplify the process. Such as using emails to encourage fast response without having them to go back to your store.


Differences between Inventory and Stock

Image result for Inventory and Stock

Inventory stock (สต๊อกสินค้า, which is the term in Thai) are common terms used in accounting, although they are used interchangeably, they have different. The difference is somewhat subtle; however, it’s vital to your small business. To be able to give accurate accounting in a business, the difference between the two terms must be understood and used accurately.


Inventory deals with a small business’s finished products, alongside the raw materials used for their production, the building in which the products are produced, and the machinery used for the production. Generally, anything that goes into the production of the items you sell in your business forms its inventory.


The finished product that you sell in your business is called stock. In some cases, raw materials also make up stock if those products are also sold in the business. For example, a computer dealership’s stock includes computers but also can consist of keyboards, mouse, computer screen, or other computer accessories.

While stock includes products that are sold in the daily operation of the business, inventory, on the other hand, deals with sale products as well as the goods and materials used for their production. For example, the computer and computer accessories are sold during regular business practices, but this sale does not include the machines that operate diagnostic tests on the computer itself. Inventory includes the entire assets put into a business for the production of the goods it sells and determines the price at which the stock is sold. The stock is directly proportional to the business revenue; more sales on stock generate higher revenue.


For accounting, inventory items are counted generally once a year, whereas, for stock, counting is done daily. This is because it is essential to replenish inventory to ensure that stock does not dry up for the business to keep running.


Rolex Watches, Real Gold Or Not

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The Rolex brand of watches is not as widely seen as other brands. The Rolex manufacturers put in high importance and care in the assembling of the Watch. The Watch is made with high-quality materials and top refinement methods, which increases the quality and price of the Watch. All materials used in making the Rolex wristwatch must be of the highest performance and must be supplied with carefulness. If there are existing materials that do not meet up to the standard of the manufacturers, the Rolex brand will create their high resistance paramagnetic materials, especially designed gold materials, designed craftily and made to show the awesomeness of the Rolex brand. Many people ask the question if the Rolex brand makes all the watches with pure gold, continue reading this article if you intend to find the truth about this question.

Are Rolex Watches Pure Gold?

The Rolex brand makes its manufacturing process and the factories a secret. They employ Hi-Tech security and restrict movement and entrance of people. They limit what they show you even if you have the opportunity to visit Rolex. Perfection is the keyword in the Rolex brand. You can be sure that they will deliver a world-class standard watch to you, unlike other manufacturers of นาฬิกาเกรด aaa( which is the term in Thai). There are few priceless items like the gold Rolex in this world, mostly worn by presidents and various world leaders. To many, a Rolex watch is a symbol of success and achievement, and as you have guessed, yes, the watches are made of pure gold. The Rolex brand does not make use of fake gold to make their Watch. The Rolex brand has moved further from the level of manufacturing gold watch to have an industry that produces the gold in which they use to construct their watches.


What You Should Know About Battery Backups

An uninterrupted power supply explicitly used to provide backup power to essential hardware components is known as a battery backup. The hardware in most cases could be a computer system, a monitor or some other device that can be plugged into an Ups for additional power supply, considering the size of the ups.

Apart from acting as a backup power supply, battery backup devices are also power conditioners. In this task, they make sure that the electricity coming to your computer and other accessories are free from surges and drops. When there is no consistent flow of power to a device, it can lead to damage to the motherboard.

Ups might not be part of complete computer components, but it is always recommended that you get one for yourself as a means of a reliable source of power. Unsteady supply of electricity can be dangerous to your device, and this may not be realised until the damage occurs. There are popular brands that sell quality battery backups, and you can choose any one from them after you have selected the right UPS for office (สำนักงาน ,which is the term in Thai) for yourself.

There are many names associated with battery backup. In some places, it is called online ups, standby ups,  while in other places it can be called an interrupted power. This all refers to a battery backup.

What Do They Look Like?

The battery backup is located in between the power from the wall outlet and other components of the computer. Put, all parts of the computer are connected to the battery backup while the battery backup is being connected to the power source.

There are many forms and shapes of ups devices, but the most popular ones come a rectangular way. Battery backups are always massive because of the patches inside them. A UPS is embedded with one or more batteries inside to provide power to devices connected to it when there is a shortage of power from the wall outlet. The cells in the UPS are always rechargeable and replaceable.


Buying The Best USB Wall Receptacle Charging Outlet


Many people never knew that the USB charging outlet would become very important in our lives and daily activities as it is nowadays. With the increase in the number of lithium-ion batteries in all devices, virtually every portable electronic has a lithium-ion battery, whether you are trying to recharge your smartphone or your tablet, the use of a USB can never be overlooked.

For some decades now, the USB has been in existence, and because of its extensive use, it will stay for much longer. This has given rise to the use of Power plug with usb socket (ปลั๊กไฟ USB ,which is the term in Thai). The USB charging sockets and become as widely seen as the standard electrical outlets in our daily household. Having the USB wall socket solves minor problems like plugging in your TV and still charging your phone simultaneously. It is also eliminating the need of a USB adapter as only the cord is needed to be plugged in the USB wall outlet. Having outlets can be worthwhile if you own various electronic devices. It doesn’t necessarily mean all the ports in your house should be USB wall socket ports, but they can come in handy in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Choosing a USB Wall Receptacle

Selecting the right USB wall receptacle does not require special services or you being an electrician. Sometimes, even experts second guess the quality of a USB wall outlet. Second-guessing the quality of the USB outlet is not the problem; all you want is for it to work well. Nevertheless, you need to select a standard  USB wall socket. In choosing a USB wall socket, you still need to have an idea of what you want. Small preferences can go a long way to decide the kind of Power socket (เต้ารับ ปลั๊กไฟ ,which is the term in Thai) you buy.


Pros And Cons Of Motor Bikes

The fun of using a motorbike is always excellent. You get to feel the breeze moving through your hair, electrifying. Regardless of the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with it before you proceed to buy a motorcycle, I suggest you take a review of some of its pros and cons.

Pros Of Motorbikes

It consumes less gas

 The amount of gas used in a motorbike is far less than that used in the car. Even in the long-distance journey, using a motorcycle has proven to be far less gas consuming than using a car. Also filling the gas tank of the motorcycle to the brim is quite natural because of the size of the tank.

 Fewer repairs

The cost of repairing motorbikes is quite low as compared to vehicles. Song service like an oil change can be done by the motorbike owner and does not require any particular mechanic.

Accurate parking

Packing your motorcycle, it’s quite easy as the motorcycle takes less space than and also mobile. You can be free from Motorcycle Pledge (จำนำมอไซค์ , which is the term in Thai) when you park your motorcycle accurately.

It can avoid traffic

It’s a motorcycle; it is always easy for you to be traffic. You do not have to wait for inline other vehicles as your motorcycle can travel in-between spaces on the highway.

Cons Of Motorbikes

Personal Safety

The risk of personal safety is one of the discouraging facts about motorcycles. The motorcycle is very exposed to danger, unlike the automobiles that have doors, windows and airbags. Unfortunately, if there is an accident, casualty risk when using a motorcycle will be very high.

Other Drivers

Some drivers are unaware of oncoming motorcycles when they are driving. This can make the drivers cut the motorcycles or run into them mistakenly.


How To Take Your GED Calibration

Once you find out what calibration is, this question is more than legitimate. The calibration of the representational system is made by paying attention to numerous elements of verbal, para verbal, and non-verbal language. Each representational system uses different language specificities.

The ability to identify the representational system used by the people you relate to is a critical feature in GED calibration(สอบเทียบ GED which is the term in thai).

To calibrate the representational system, be interested in particular in a single element of verbal language, that is, in sensory predicates.

The same concept can be described by a person using one of the three representational systems, namely the visual (V), the auditory (A), or the kinesthetic (K) systems.

Here is a demonstration example:

  • in front of you, you have a bright future, “bright” is an element that refers to the visual representational system;
  • in front of you, you have a rocking future, “rocking” is an element that refers to the auditory representational system;
  • in front of you have a concrete future, “concrete” is an element that refers to the kinesthetic representational system (K).

These three sentences all have the same meaning, namely that of a positive future.

At the same time, they are expressed with three representational systems.

There could also be a situation where no representational system is used:

  • in front of you you have a positive future;

or the case in which more than one representational system is used:

  • in front of you, you have a concretely bright future.

Paying attention to the sensory predicates used by the person with whom you are relating is, therefore, fundamental to recognize the type of representational system used. We can still find out what some of these sensory predicates about the representational system.