4 Ways To Puppy-Proof Your Apartment

It’s important to keep your Golden Retriever pup safe and comfortable. Apartments are usually smaller and more cramped than regular houses and your puppy can’t always play in the lawn and backyard. His movement will be more restricted and this could cause him to want to get into trouble more often.

Keeping that in mind, here are some things that you can do to make your apartment more suitable for your new Golden Retriever pup

Set Up An Area For Your Puppy- you need to decide the area where your Golden Retriever pup is allowed to walk, play and sleep. Put up barriers on off-limit areas so your puppy won’t go where he shouldn’t. An apartment balcony is a potential risky spot for any pet. The best way to do this is to see your apartment from the perspective of your puppy. Crawl around, so it’s easy for you to see things that may pose a hazard.

Remove Dangerous Objects- naturally, Golden Retriever puppies are very curious and active. They get into anything reachable or within their height. Be sure to remove telephone cables or electrical cords. It can be potentially lethal if your puppy plays with a live electrical cord. There were cases of dogs get strangled or electrocuted when playing with cords. Take caution to remove any decorative pieces that could fall off when your puppy nudges them. Also keep household cleaners, insect poisons and rat poisons out of your puppy’s reach.

Beware Of Things That Your Puppy May Chew Or Swallow- Golden Retriever puppies love to chew and they may accidentally swallow small objects. You must remove any object that your puppy shouldn’t be chewing. Give them suitable chew toys, so they won’t chew anything that’s potentially dangerous.

Remove Potentially Toxic Plants- some home plants are potentially risky for your puppy. Dumb cane or dieffenbachia is toxic for both cats and dogs. If your Golden Retriever pup chews the leaves of dumb cane, it could cause the swelling of the tongue and mouth. Other symptoms include increased salivation, vomiting and difficulty swallowing.

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To learn more ways to puppy-proof your apartment, or for information about high performance golden retriever training for your pet, contact NordenLights Golden Retrievers today and speak with an experienced, knowledgeable dog trainer who can answer any questions you might have.

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How to Determine The Size Of Awning You Need To Buy For Your Patio

Buying an awning seems like a simple task. An awning, after all, is just a sheet or any material extending over an area—like a patio, a garden, a deck, or window, for example—to keep the sun, rain, and other elements off. An awning is a very small aspect of any house or structure. But as with purchasing any kind of add-on to your home, determining what awning to buy entails a lot of considerations to look into. There is a reason why you should consider getting retractable awnings MD. However, before you go into the specifics of buying an awning, you should first determine the size of awning you need to buy for your patio.


The first thing you have to do is measure the designated space for the awning, specifically the space and the window area where you will install it. Measure the area’s width, then add five inches to your measurement. Therefore, if your window is 20 inches wide, you will need an awning that is at least 25 inches wide. This measurement is for the width of the wall-mounted bar of your awning.

Next, you need to measure for the projection of the awning—or its projection. This pertains to how far the awning will extend from where it is mounted. Measure the space to be covered by the awning as this aspect will depend on how much shading you want it to provide. Of course, you will need to consider that awnings usually have a pitch; the fabric or sheet of the awning is rarely installed flat. Remember that the beam post will also set back the projection of about one foot.


Of course, measuring is just one part of preparing to buy retractable awnings MD. You will also need to examine external factors as well.

For instance, consider the space where you will use the awning on. Will the projection of the awning bump into something or are there any obstructions that might affect the installation? This will also determine if you should get retractable awnings MD or a stationary awning. Choosing between the two also entails looking into different considerations. For instance, a retractable one is more mobile, with varied sizes. Stationary ones are often used for permanent installation, commonly place in front of windows and doors.

In any case, the kind of protection you need will also determine the size of your awnings. If you simply need an awning that you will protect your doorway or window from the elements, a small one might suffice. However, if you need the awning to protect a larger area like a patio from rain and sun because you expect people to stay there, a bigger awning (that’s ideally retractable) is the best option.

Style is also a consideration as well. You would want the size of the awning to fit well in the area where you are using it. Using a big stationary awning for your doorway, for instance, might not be the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

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Get the sure win to turn the table of flow ball price odds!

Online football betting game is all about the flow ball price, and the table odds are the master key of the jackpot you are going to win in the game. There is an immense fan following, and numerous people are doing business from the game. Some are busy watching the game, and some are engaged in earning money by making a fortune on the game. In both conditions, one thing which you will definitely get that is entertainment and fun. Individuals who place bets on the game get an extra offer and enormous money. A player can get the odds in their favor by taking help from ราคาบอลไหล chart.

Moreover, people can turn the whole game in their favor by turning the table of flow chart. Players can also play the game conveniently from sitting at their home with family and friends. They can enjoy the game with their beloved ones by adding them to the crew and doing team-up.

Further less, they can also play the game and enjoy the ball betting with the unknown players by playing live football gambling. There they can get the chance to meet players who are from different countries and places. They can also do chat with the gamers in-game.

24 hours services of login 

People who are actual players and love to access the gambling game every time can use the source whenever they want. They can operate the game, and whether it is day or night, one can enjoy the game freely. The service of the betting zone is available 24*7, and players can do sign at any time. However, they should always make the schedule of playing games, because more games will cause your wealth and secure your lose the game in every round. So, people should still set the time to play the betting game.

Some primary analyses you should keep your eye on

There are some significant and essential aspects that people must pay attention to and always keep in mind while playing the game. It will help them a lot in playing the game at a very convenient cost. To know more about the facts read the further paragraphs-

  • There is overflow term comes in the ราคาไหลchart in which if the odds price goes high, then it makes sense that people can get the enormous loss in the game because the game can change any time. So, players should be careful while making a bet on the game.
  • Another is an underflow. In this term, the ball’s prices go down, which means you can make minimal spending and get the vast profit by winning the round. For all this stuff, you have to predict the match first.
  • People must have complete knowledge about the flow ball chart and table odds for winning the match. Lake of experience can cause a massive loss in the game. So, if you want to make it large, you have to gather all the information, start the game and place bets on the ground as well.

Imperative Factors that can be helpful to write a resume

A resume is one of the essential tools for giving information to recruiters. We need the right job for earning, and it is difficult with tough competition. Resume includes lots of information that are necessary for every job seeker. A simple and effective resume gets more attention so we can go in the correct format. The internet is infested with lots of Resume templates, and they are telling about How to create a resume. Follow some easy steps to find out a special template, and we can change many things according to our needs.

The template has the right format for us, and you add multiple sections for more information. Looks of your resume decide your job profile. There are several formats like functional, hybrid, chronological, and more. The hybrid format is now very famous for Resume designing. Edit with online tools and learn how to build a resume perfectly. In the beginning, you have not any skill to write, but in this tutorial, we are sharing a few important factors.

Choose the format

Different formats have special conditions, and we must know all of them. Do not remove the basic format, and you can start with a simple format. Most of us are no idea about it, so we can take help with an online website. Search with the right keyword to get authentic results of the formats.

Editing on resume template

The individual can edit a number of things in a template. In which every section is removable but keeps its originality. Every template is unique in design and gives us ultimate detailing. The formal structure of every resume is the most important one, so try to avoid changing it. Hide some sections and remove watermarks easily.

Maintain length

The resume must be short in size, so do not go for a lengthy sentence. The interviewers have no time to read each thing perfectly. Your block needs more attention than other parts of the resume. Blocks have educational records and experience.

Write about skills and experience.

A job seeker needs to display his skills, and for that, he can make a separate section. Mention about how many languages you know that can be beneficial for abroad posting. Always focus on relevant details in accordance with the company.

High experience shifts us on a higher salary, so put up true about it. Never show off because an interviewer is smarter than you, and it gives a bad impression on him. Begin with personal information, and after it, you can jump on experience and skills.

Know about mistakes

It is easy to reject your application if you have made many mistakes in your resume. We should not neglect several points, and here you can know about common errors. The desired salary amount is one of the big mistakes according to me, and the applicant no needs to add a profile picture. Do not write about marital status and birth date. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes because both are decreasing the chances of a job.  Lower the problems regarding how to make a resume, and such points are sufficient for each applicant.



The gaming industry has tremendously grown in the past decade. With the number of online punters skyrocketing, online gaming operators have reported transactions amounting to billions of money. What’s more, the industry offers endless opportunities for business-savvy individuals.

The most encouraging thing is that even the most successful casinos, as seen on online casino Malaysia were once start-ups. Considering this is a business opportunity that people with little or no experience in the industry can flourish, it is no wonder there are myriads of online casinos emerging now and then.

To tap into this lucrative niche, a few basic strategies need to be implemented.

Let’s dive into details.

  • Know your competition

Before starting your online casino, research the market. Know who you are up against. Get to know which games your competitors are offering, their bonuses, as well as how they run their businesses. That way, you are in a better position to strategize and come up with more appealing gifts to attract more punters your way.

With such information up your sleeve, you gain a competitive advantage and an opportunity to establish yourself as a brand.

  • Get the best gambling software.

The greatest concern with online gamblers is the security and fairness of the systems. Online casinos make use of random number generators to come up with winners. As such, gamers feared that these systems were not foolproof.

By getting the best gambling software, gamblers are assured that your games are fair, and all results are random. Talk to a trusted and licensed software provider. By investing in the best gambling software, you easily meet consumer expectations.  Considering new casinos are always under strict scrutiny,  you can gain consumer trust once they realize the software are genuine.

  • Licenses

Just like any business, online casinos require licenses. Just make sure to check with the relevant licensing authorities on the requirements applicable to your state.

  • Payment methods

Online casinos are an international affair. Players from all over the world congregate at one place to share in the fun of gaming. As such, having a variety of payment methods that cut across all continents is imperative.

Casinos like dewabet have amyriad of payment methods that attract a large number of players compared to other online casinos.

  • Web design

The importance of websites in online casinos cannot be underestimated. How else will gamers access the array of games you seek to offer?

Online casino websites must be responsive. To enhance customer satisfaction, they need to render well across all screen sizes. Make sure touse high definition graphics and images. Additionally, they need to be well designed and easily navigable. That way, customer satisfaction is achieved, promoting consumer loyalty.



What are blockchains and how does the blockchain technology work?

Blockchain is a permanent record of online transactions. Started in 2009, it was the foundation for trading bitcoins (digital currency). This record of transactions can be shared among a network of computers. Users on this network can add to the record of transactions. Transactions are kept secure via cryptography, and transactions have to be approved and verified by the network in a process called mining.
Blockchain is similar to a database which stores information, however the main difference is that the data is located in a network of personal computers called nodes where there is no central entity such as a government or bank controlling the data. Instead, all data is shared publicly although the contents of each data is only accessible to those with permission.

1*JR4Iw9bXbUyo8-KsgyHywg.jpeg (1000×500)

Each transaction can be thought of as a block, and the ledger that links them together is the chain. Blocks are linked together in the chain through mining. Each participant connected to the blockchain network has a secret private key and a public key that acts as an openly visible identifier. The pair is cryptographically linked such that identification is possible in only one direction using the private key. One must have the private key in order to unlock a participant’s identity to uncover what information on the blockchain is relevant to their profile.

Can blockchains transform the healthcare system?

Two of the primary components that make up a blockchain are identity and historical record. This is comparable to a giant log of events and this log in unchangeable. So it provides a secure record of exactly who did what, where and when. In the recently concluded 7th annual DPharm conference Dr Sascha Mundstein, Mobile and Digital COE, Technology Evangelist, Pfizer, Inc led a session on how blockchains can accelerate drug development process and thereby change clinical development cycle. The sessions discussed how it was imperative that blockchains were embraced and how it may be the catalyst for a new blockchain in medicine.

While the two most commonly cited examples of how blockchain can be used in healthcare technology advances are data interoperability and security, the stream of new possibilities is flowing as well.


Things You Did Know About The French Bulldog

You will be over whelmed to know some of the facts about the French Bulldogs. You will love these dogs, no matter what. They have proved themselves to be the perfect companions, throughout. There are facts, that you have already unearthed about them. There may be more. But, today we will let you know a few hidden facts. Let’s read on to know more.

Features You Did Not Know About The Frenchie

  • They are not of French origin. They actually resulted from cross breeding between bull dogs and terriers. They originated in England. They were made by breeders, to create a toy breed with sturdy bones and a square structure. However, most people wanted a lapdog. They are fast selling today as apartment dogs.
  • They rose to fame, after bull-baiting game was banned in England. The bigger bull dogs were no longer required. Thus, the idea arose to breed smaller dogs.
  • Moreover, they were rejected by their own breeders due to the bat ears. They travelled to France with them, and got sold there. The French Bulldog was accepted by the French ladies, as they found them to be cute.
  • Initially these cut dogs had rose-shaped ears. Americans gave these dogs their bat-shaped ears.
  • Moreover, these cut dogs have collected a lot of fans. They are YSL the fashion house, DH Lawrence and many more. Even actor Hugh Jackman has one.
  • The Frenchie Dog was one of the victims on board the Titanic. The famous ship that sank. He even acted in the film in 1997.
  • Another hidden fact about the breed, is that it cannot give birth on its own. They have to under C-section to deliver babies. Moreover, they are artificially inseminated to produce babies.
  • There are some high medical costs involved and thus is a setback for Many. However, they are still popular.

So, you see how they have risen over the years. There were some years of selfish breeding for gains by English. However, in the last century they have garnered quite a huge amount of fan following. Moreover, they are here to stay today. Furthermore, they consume less food, but cost high in terms of upkeep. That is true for any grand breed today.

 You can buy a Frenchie, if you can maintain one today. They are the perfect lap dog and will love you a lot. So, have them.