What are blockchains and how does the blockchain technology work?

Blockchain is a permanent record of online transactions. Started in 2009, it was the foundation for trading bitcoins (digital currency). This record of transactions can be shared among a network of computers. Users on this network can add to the record of transactions. Transactions are kept secure via cryptography, and transactions have to be approved and verified by the network in a process called mining.
Blockchain is similar to a database which stores information, however the main difference is that the data is located in a network of personal computers called nodes where there is no central entity such as a government or bank controlling the data. Instead, all data is shared publicly although the contents of each data is only accessible to those with permission.

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Each transaction can be thought of as a block, and the ledger that links them together is the chain. Blocks are linked together in the chain through mining. Each participant connected to the blockchain network has a secret private key and a public key that acts as an openly visible identifier. The pair is cryptographically linked such that identification is possible in only one direction using the private key. One must have the private key in order to unlock a participant’s identity to uncover what information on the blockchain is relevant to their profile.

Can blockchains transform the healthcare system?

Two of the primary components that make up a blockchain are identity and historical record. This is comparable to a giant log of events and this log in unchangeable. So it provides a secure record of exactly who did what, where and when. In the recently concluded 7th annual DPharm conference Dr Sascha Mundstein, Mobile and Digital COE, Technology Evangelist, Pfizer, Inc led a session on how blockchains can accelerate drug development process and thereby change clinical development cycle. The sessions discussed how it was imperative that blockchains were embraced and how it may be the catalyst for a new blockchain in medicine.

While the two most commonly cited examples of how blockchain can be used in healthcare technology advances are data interoperability and security, the stream of new possibilities is flowing as well.


Download a Variety of Files from the Best Siti Torrent Italiani

Italian internet users find it difficult to access many useful websites. The government targets Torrent websites even though they allow users access to downloading all kinds of valuable files. However, users can now use VPNs to browse the internet anonymously and access some of the best Italian torrent websites. CV-CreW or Green Corsair is one of the leading names in the long list of easy to use Italian torrent sites. The website enables users to download music, videos, e-books, and software. All they need is a torrent client and decent internet speed. The upgraded version iCV-CreW is totally free to use. Users have to register their emails to get free and unlimited downloads.


Usability is a key factor that determines the quality of top Siti Torrent Italiani. Most top torrent sites have a search bar, which makes it easy to find specific files. Websites like KickAss Torrent and RARBG also offer sub-categories of files. Users can browse these categories to download movies, TV series, games, and a host of other materials. Top torrent sites are based on a hybrid structure that combines a typical user forum with an aggregator or search engine. These websites index top-quality links from the internet and compile them. Using torrent sites is completely legal. These websites do not store any material except for the downloadable magnet links.

A Wide Range of Options

TNTrip offers an easy to use interface. New users can learn how to torrent on this simple platform. RARBG is the go-to source for the latest content. TorLock is famous for being the number one source on the internet for downloading high-quality eBooks, comic books, anime, magazines, etc. Torrentz 2 is a platform that syndicates all of these features to deliver an amazing user experience. Use a VPN to beat the Italian firewalls and download as much as you want with these top torrent sites!


Differences between Inventory and Stock

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Inventory stock (สต๊อกสินค้า, which is the term in Thai) are common terms used in accounting, although they are used interchangeably, they have different. The difference is somewhat subtle; however, it’s vital to your small business. To be able to give accurate accounting in a business, the difference between the two terms must be understood and used accurately.


Inventory deals with a small business’s finished products, alongside the raw materials used for their production, the building in which the products are produced, and the machinery used for the production. Generally, anything that goes into the production of the items you sell in your business forms its inventory.


The finished product that you sell in your business is called stock. In some cases, raw materials also make up stock if those products are also sold in the business. For example, a computer dealership’s stock includes computers but also can consist of keyboards, mouse, computer screen, or other computer accessories.

While stock includes products that are sold in the daily operation of the business, inventory, on the other hand, deals with sale products as well as the goods and materials used for their production. For example, the computer and computer accessories are sold during regular business practices, but this sale does not include the machines that operate diagnostic tests on the computer itself. Inventory includes the entire assets put into a business for the production of the goods it sells and determines the price at which the stock is sold. The stock is directly proportional to the business revenue; more sales on stock generate higher revenue.


For accounting, inventory items are counted generally once a year, whereas, for stock, counting is done daily. This is because it is essential to replenish inventory to ensure that stock does not dry up for the business to keep running.


What You Should Know About Battery Backups

An uninterrupted power supply explicitly used to provide backup power to essential hardware components is known as a battery backup. The hardware in most cases could be a computer system, a monitor or some other device that can be plugged into an Ups for additional power supply, considering the size of the ups.

Apart from acting as a backup power supply, battery backup devices are also power conditioners. In this task, they make sure that the electricity coming to your computer and other accessories are free from surges and drops. When there is no consistent flow of power to a device, it can lead to damage to the motherboard.

Ups might not be part of complete computer components, but it is always recommended that you get one for yourself as a means of a reliable source of power. Unsteady supply of electricity can be dangerous to your device, and this may not be realised until the damage occurs. There are popular brands that sell quality battery backups, and you can choose any one from them after you have selected the right UPS for office (สำนักงาน ,which is the term in Thai) for yourself.

There are many names associated with battery backup. In some places, it is called online ups, standby ups,  while in other places it can be called an interrupted power. This all refers to a battery backup.

What Do They Look Like?

The battery backup is located in between the power from the wall outlet and other components of the computer. Put, all parts of the computer are connected to the battery backup while the battery backup is being connected to the power source.

There are many forms and shapes of ups devices, but the most popular ones come a rectangular way. Battery backups are always massive because of the patches inside them. A UPS is embedded with one or more batteries inside to provide power to devices connected to it when there is a shortage of power from the wall outlet. The cells in the UPS are always rechargeable and replaceable.


Buying The Best USB Wall Receptacle Charging Outlet


Many people never knew that the USB charging outlet would become very important in our lives and daily activities as it is nowadays. With the increase in the number of lithium-ion batteries in all devices, virtually every portable electronic has a lithium-ion battery, whether you are trying to recharge your smartphone or your tablet, the use of a USB can never be overlooked.

For some decades now, the USB has been in existence, and because of its extensive use, it will stay for much longer. This has given rise to the use of Power plug with usb socket (ปลั๊กไฟ USB ,which is the term in Thai). The USB charging sockets and become as widely seen as the standard electrical outlets in our daily household. Having the USB wall socket solves minor problems like plugging in your TV and still charging your phone simultaneously. It is also eliminating the need of a USB adapter as only the cord is needed to be plugged in the USB wall outlet. Having outlets can be worthwhile if you own various electronic devices. It doesn’t necessarily mean all the ports in your house should be USB wall socket ports, but they can come in handy in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Choosing a USB Wall Receptacle

Selecting the right USB wall receptacle does not require special services or you being an electrician. Sometimes, even experts second guess the quality of a USB wall outlet. Second-guessing the quality of the USB outlet is not the problem; all you want is for it to work well. Nevertheless, you need to select a standard  USB wall socket. In choosing a USB wall socket, you still need to have an idea of what you want. Small preferences can go a long way to decide the kind of Power socket (เต้ารับ ปลั๊กไฟ ,which is the term in Thai) you buy.


4 Things to Consider When Buying Walk Through Metal Detectors

Well, everyone should know that there are plenty of classic websites or sources present at which they find different types of metal detectors. The same thing is used for detecting the metal at those places where it is restricted or prohibited. There are various types of metal detectors present, and all are having several features or variations in the price. Therefore, one has to choose the best source in the market or online at which they easily find the best type and most appropriate metal detector at affordable rates. 

Now, to know about the best source or sites at which you find the best and all types of metal detectors, you simply have to go through reviews. It is the best way for individuals to get the right metal detector among all others. Not only is this, but they can also directly buy the best and each type of metal detector from a walk through metal detectors. It is the best source that deals in several types of metal detectors that differ in prices accordingly.

Considerable 4 things to buy the best metal detector

Here are some main 4 things that individuals need to know first and then consider these things as to buy the best quality metal detector. All these things help the people in buying a perfect metal detector which they use in every place they want.

  1. Installment process if easy – everyone should know that they have to choose that particular metal detector for the use, which is easy to install at any place you want. It is the best way to get a good metal detector and then use it for the purpose you want.
  2. Worth – another main thing that individuals need to know is that these walk through metal detectors differ in prices. So, one has to choose the best among all others that easily comes in their budget. One has to set their budget before they are buying and then get the best quality instrument among all others.
  3. Technology – all individuals need to know that there are plenty of classic metal detectors present, and all are used different types of technologies. Therefore, one has to choose that one in which they simply get the best and latest technology. It makes the entire process easier to detect the metal nearby.
  4. Perfect type – all the users should know that they have to choose the best type among all others. First of all, people need to know everything about different types of metal detectors and then choose the best one to get positive results.

Therefore, all these are the best and main 4 things by which everyone becomes able to purchase the best metal detector at affordable rates too. 

Final words

In a nutshell, everyone should know that the best way to gather more information about the walk through metal detectors is by reading some reviews. In the same way, one can easily choose the right source to buy a metal detector and then know everything about it. 


How to Counter Sombra in Overwatch

Sombra was always an interesting hero in Overwatch but at the very beginning, she was quite weak. After a short time, she received a nice buff and that forced players to pick this hero more often. Now it is a common thing to be EMPed or hacked. So I think that you need a decent guide that will tell you how to counter such an annoying hero as Sombra.

But first, you need to understand the basic things about the Sombra and that knowledge will give you all you need to claim an advantage when you are playing against this hacker.

The most common thing – as most of others flankers she will always appear behind your team, and, most likely, she will set a translocator to the nearby med-kit. The best you can do in this situation is to always be careful and be ready to peel her off from supports. You will not kill her, but she will be scared and will use teleport. If she will not be able to kill a target, then Sombra will be a useless anchor for her team. You will not spend a lot of time to scare her from her ambush, but she will be forced to wait for the translocator cooldown, so you will buy for your team window that is 15-20 second wide. The faster you will scare her from the point, the better, after all, she will be too scared to even attack from the distance and that means that her ultimate (the goddamn EMP) will not be charged at all.

But be careful, especially if you are playing as a hero who cannot do much when he hacked, like Lucio, Tracer, D.Va, Zenyatta, or Doomfist. So in this case, you need to avoid her at all costs or interrupt the hacking process if you have the necessary tools. Interrupting is hard, especially considering the extremely fast cast time, and only a few heroes have crowd control abilities that could be used to disable Sombra. That is what makes Brigitte and Moira one of the best heroes to avoid Sombra – first one could beat her without any help (and interrupt hack with the shield bash), the other one will always have Fade ability to run away from any threat. Always keep your mind clear and keep her location on your mind. You need to be fast to react to her actions, that is why if you are playing on a Defending point map, you need to stay a slightly afar from the rest, to not be affected by the EMP. Like if you are playing as a Zenyatta, you should keep yourself hidden, and then, when Sombra will use EMP you need to counter it with the Transcendence.

Tracking Ultimates is the matter that is worthy of a separate article, but here I will highlight it only slightly. Most of the professional players from are perfectly predicting the ultimate charges, that is why they are so perfect in this game. If you will be able to track her EMP charge you will be always ready to counter-react for any possible outcome. Keep in mind that EMP charging speed is insanely quick and you need to expect the worst from any EMP usage. Like combo EMP + Tactical Visor will guarantee that everyone who was hacked will be most certainly dead. But do not panic, most of the players of low divisions are just scare of EMP too much, they even forget that you could still attack while you are hacked. But if the whole team tries to focus the Soldier 76 or McCree, then you could minimize the possible damage.

Playing as Sombra you need to correctly evaluate every hero in the team and use your Hack and EMP on the most high-value enemies, only such an approach will lead you to the victory screen. Sombra does not like pressure at all and will escape with the first sign of a threat, that is why without the proper coordination with the rest of the team she will not be able to be as impactful as she may be. If you have a plan, then Sombra would be extremely strong, but make sure that your team knows your plan as well.


Information Technology Professionals in the Decision Making Process

Information technology is a vital part of any business. Although some companies are not able to have an IT staff, computers and or server are still used in day-to-day business processes. There was a time when a companies it department consisted of desktop support staff and a manager. Decisions were made by upper management and no one from the IT department was ever-present. After all who needs anyone from the IT department when it comes to making business decisions? Your company does.

The information technology professionals can help management in the decision-making processes when it comes to enhancing business processes. To compete in today’s economy you need an edge and technology implementations will give your company the needed edge to compete. IT manager who are present can help stake holders in the company’s success by recommending the right technologies to reach goals. When IT is excluded or becomes a second thought when it comes to technology implementations, it could prove costly in the near future.

It’s always bad business when companies never take the time to do it right the first time and they always have the time to do it over, because they simply must to survive.

Employee Training

Companies who don’t see the value in training their employees to use new systems implemented will greatly increase their cost of ownership of the implementation. How is this? Employees, who are not familiar with the proper use of a newly implemented system, will report wrong problems. These are not system problems, but a misunderstanding of how a process works. When the company is spending money to have support technicians troubleshoot a user’s inefficiency in using the system and not a real technical problem, you waste unnecessary dollars. Training your employees will make sure your business processes run efficiently and real system problems can be reported and fixed.

Training your IT staff will also aid your company in stabilizing or lowering your cost of ownership. When your IT staff is knowledgeable on hoe your system work, they can effectively troubleshoot and separate user problems from system problems. The worst thing a company can do is leave their new implementation in the hands of all employees to figure it out. Information technology encompasses a range of technologies or systems, this makes training essential.


Marking the End of Pollution With Biosphere Technology

Pollution is the greatest threat to life today. It has the potential to end the lives of not only humans, plants, and animals but also that of our planet. The greatest offshoots of pollution are global warming and climate change. Global warming involves the abnormal rise in land and sea surface temperatures of the earth leading to the melting of polar ice caps which result to rising sea levels. Hundreds of islands and cities have already been submerged underwater and thousands more are in danger. Climate change on the other hand involves erratic weather patterns and sudden seasonal changes such as abnormally heavy rainfall, fierce storms and frequent tornadoes.

Pollution is man’s greatest enemy. Ironically, pollution is one of man’s creations. And so it is man’s responsibility to get rid of pollution. The war against pollution had been going on for decades. All efforts seemed futile and pollution always managed to survive. But things are about to change. Man now has a weapon that has the potential to completely eliminate waste. This blessed weapon is biosphere technology. Biosphere technology combats waste in two ways: first it destroys existing solid wastes, and second it prevents further pollution.

Biosphere technology gets rid of waste by turning it into energy. The solid waste is placed inside gasification chambers where it is digested by biosphere machines and transformed into extremely hot steam that is later converted into electrical power. Gaining free energy every time you eliminate waste is more than enough incentive to motivate people to participate in the destruction of waste. All the trash loitered around and all the garbage lying in dumpsites will be reduced to nothing but pure and clean energy by biosphere technology.

Biosphere technology also serves as an alternative energy source to brown technologies which contaminate our atmosphere. It is classified as a green technology and member of the sustainability industry because it can generate electricity with minimal amounts of pollution due to the fact the gasification process is performed inside oxygen limited chambers. Finally, we can have all the energy we desire without bringing detriment to the environment. We can now move forward towards an era of green energy technologies. We can now make brown energy technologies such as coal and oil nothing but things of the past.


Biosphere Technology – The Green Solution of the Future

Biosphere technology is the solution of tomorrow made available today. It involves cutting edge gasification processes to convert solid wastes into electric power. It is futuristic in the sense that it can exceed the efficiency of current brown energy sources while at the same time also surpassing the ecological friendliness of today’s green energy sources. It is like next generation energy source that has combined the desirable traits of both brown and green technologies while leaving behind the unwanted ones.

Biosphere technology makes use of technologically advanced biosphere machines to eliminate solid wastes and produce clean electricity as a by-product. It will forever revolutionize waste-to-energy technologies and empower the sustainability industry to the extent that consumers will actually start to switch from conventional sources such as coal and oil to cleaner ones. Biosphere machines have been tested under strict international standards and have broken the records for the highest energy-to-mass conversion ratio, lowest waste-to-feedstock ratio, and highest recyclables-to-waste ratio. With these statistics alone, it is at a wholly different league when compared to any other energy technology.

The secret behind biosphere technology’s remarkable energy-to-mass conversion ratio of a maximum of 97% is its sophisticated five-stage biosphere gasification process. The process subjects the feedstock to very high but controlled temperatures that automatically adjust to the optimal temperature to break down the wastes. The resulting particles are then further processed and are manipulated to transform into extremely hot steam of pure energy. The steam is then further manipulated to turn into fuel for generators that produce electricity. The resulting electricity is so efficient it can be sold commercially. It is by far the only green electricity that surpasses brown electricity in terms of efficiency.

The reason why biosphere has such a low waste-to-feedstock ratio is because of the structure of biosphere machines. These machines are integrated with an air tight chamber that houses the gasification process. The chambers do not allow even air particles such as oxygen and carbon gases to pass through. Hence during the conversion of trash into energy, no greenhouse gas emissions or gaseous wastes are released into the atmosphere. Coupled with the high energy-to-mass conversion rate, this is definitely the least polluting energy generation process man has ever seen.

Biosphere technology also boasts the highest recyclables-to-waste ratio because of the efficient way it decomposes waste. Of the little solid by-products produced, up to 90% can be recycled and resold into the market to offset part of the costs incurred in the operation of the biosphere machines. This is the highest portion of recyclable wastes an energy technology has ever possessed. This is another feature that proves that this green technology is indeed the greenest of all green solutions.

Biosphere technology is just what the world and we need in order to get back something that we have lost for centuries, a green planet. The planet has taken care of our kind for so long and the least could do is take care of it. And the first step is preventing the pollution that is like a tumor constantly and relentlessly devastating Mother Nature.