After months of lockdown, the longing to visit family and friends is stronger than ever. A simple trip to a loved one’s home in the new normal is nothing short of special — considering everything that has happened. So what can make it extra memorable? Surprising them with personalized gifts.

Check out these 11 gift ideas we’ve curated just for you.

Home Sweet Home block sign. One of the greatest realizations that the pandemic and the new normal have offered is the importance of home. It’s a place where we can find love and tranquility. And this gift — a customizable wood block sign — beautifully captures the home’s essence.

Bless this Home lantern. We’re living in an uncertain time. If you’re searching for thoughtful personalized gifts as you visit a family or a friend, this one is sure to light up their hearts. This burnished copper glazed lantern lets you earnestly express your well wishes for your loved ones.

Live Laugh Love wind chime. Are you visiting a relative or a friend after a long lockdown? Bring sweet music to their home with this lovely wind chime. It features the motto “Live, Laugh, Love,” which is a timely reminder of how we should live, especially in the new normal.

Custom glass cookie jar for families. Family reunions are sweeter with homemade cookies. So you can pair those delectable treats with a gift as unique as this customizable cookie jar. It’s made of hearty lead-free glass with an airtight lid to keep your goodies fresh.

Couple’s personalized cutting board. One of the most practical personalized gifts out there, this cutting board is made of bamboo with a butcher block inlay. It’s built for chopping, slicing, and dicing. It can also be customized with the couple’s names.

For all time personalized crystal clock. Got someone within your circle who tied the knot in the new normal? Here’s a gift and a lovely reminder of the time they spend together as a married couple.

Memory is a treasure hurricane. The pandemic has claimed many lives across the globe. If it’s your first time visiting someone who has lost a loved one, giving this gift is ideal. It’s a glass Bala vase with laser-engraved personalization and is inclusive of a LED pillar candle.

Cardinal Appear wind chime. This wind chime is also a memorial gift. It pays homage to the belief that a departed loved one has visited when a cardinal appears.

Memory of Portrait chime. If you want another version of a sympathy wind chime, this is for you. Its gold-colored sail can be used to display a photo of a loved one who has passed on. Simple yet elegant, it’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of the bereaved.

Cardinal Memorial glass frame. Pictures are a great way to keep the memories of a loved one alive. If you’re visiting a household with a member who succumbed to COVID or any other illness, this glass frame is a lovely way to pay tribute to their lives.

Memory heart plaque. This is a personalized gift that honors a departed loved one. It’s a heart-shaped block that can be customized with the deceased’s photo, name, and death date.

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