Italian internet users find it difficult to access many useful websites. The government targets Torrent websites even though they allow users access to downloading all kinds of valuable files. However, users can now use VPNs to browse the internet anonymously and access some of the best Italian torrent websites. CV-CreW or Green Corsair is one of the leading names in the long list of easy to use Italian torrent sites. The website enables users to download music, videos, e-books, and software. All they need is a torrent client and decent internet speed. The upgraded version iCV-CreW is totally free to use. Users have to register their emails to get free and unlimited downloads.


Usability is a key factor that determines the quality of top Siti Torrent Italiani. Most top torrent sites have a search bar, which makes it easy to find specific files. Websites like KickAss Torrent and RARBG also offer sub-categories of files. Users can browse these categories to download movies, TV series, games, and a host of other materials. Top torrent sites are based on a hybrid structure that combines a typical user forum with an aggregator or search engine. These websites index top-quality links from the internet and compile them. Using torrent sites is completely legal. These websites do not store any material except for the downloadable magnet links.

A Wide Range of Options

TNTrip offers an easy to use interface. New users can learn how to torrent on this simple platform. RARBG is the go-to source for the latest content. TorLock is famous for being the number one source on the internet for downloading high-quality eBooks, comic books, anime, magazines, etc. Torrentz 2 is a platform that syndicates all of these features to deliver an amazing user experience. Use a VPN to beat the Italian firewalls and download as much as you want with these top torrent sites!