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When we’re traveling, skincare is usually not the first thing on our minds. There are so many sights to see, food to eat, and places to explore that taking care of our skin is not always a top priority. On top of that, it’s not always possible to perform your full skincare routine while on the plane or at the hotel, lest you bring your entire skincare arsenal with you.

However, sensitive skin requires constant care and attention. To keep your skin healthy while on the go, here are some essentials you mustn’t leave home without:

1. Makeup remover wipes

Dermatologists will agree that traveling with makeup on is not a good idea for sensitive skin. When you travel with makeup on, dirt and grime can get stuck on your face much easier than when you travel without makeup. Moreover, if you are traveling via plane, the cabin pressure can dry out your skin or stimulate the production of oils, which can lead to breakouts when combined with makeup.

Keep a pack of makeup remover wipes in your day bag so you can take off your makeup before boarding a plane or after a day of walking through city streets. While wipes shouldn’t substitute a proper face wash, they can help your skin breathe until you get a chance to wash your face properly.

2. Cotton towels

Bring your own cotton towels to avoid having to dry off with hotel towels that might not agree with your skin sensitivities. Furthermore, you can’t be sure that hotel towels are 100% hypoallergenic; they might have been washed in chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

3. Natural insect repellent

Insect repellent is a must-have when you’re traveling to rural areas, especially in hot and humid places. However, regular insect repellent might not sit well with your skin as it can be made with harmful chemicals. So instead of picking just any insect repellent of the store shelves, choose one that is made with natural ingredients.

4. Sunscreen

Finding the best sunscreen for your skin can require a trial-and-error process. Thus, it is wise to find a sunscreen that works for your skin before traveling. Otherwise, you might find out that the sunscreen you brought irritates your skin while you’re already at your destination.

5. Moisturizer

Pack a light moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated while traveling, especially if you’re riding on a plane. The filtered air on a plane can quickly dry out your skin, which is bad news for your sensitivities, so ensure that you have a travel-sized tube of moisturizer in your carry-on at all times.

How to take care of sensitive skin while traveling

Here are some tips on how to keep your sensitive skin healthy while traveling:

1. Pack travel-sized versions of your skincare products

Traveling is not the time to experiment with new skincare products. Stick to the products that work and bring travel-sized versions of them to keep your luggage light.

2. Don’t use airport and hotel toiletries

In line with the first tip, stay away from the airport and hotel toiletries. Many of these products contain ingredients that can be irritating to sensitive skin. If they are free, take them with you, but give them away to people who can use them instead.

3. Bring your own pillowcase

Hotel pillowcases might be laundered with harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. To avoid risking your skin’s state while you sleep, bring your own pillowcase. Better yet, bring your own blanket as well.

4. Avoid wearing makeup

As mentioned above, irritants can stick to your skin easier if you have makeup on. As much as possible, avoid wearing makeup unless you need to. Certain situations where wearing makeup is not wise are riding on a plane, exploring in a polluted area, or going swimming.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink plenty of water and bring a reusable water bottle everywhere you go. Your skin will thank you for it.

6. Don’t use someone else’s products

Avoid using someone else’s skincare products, even if they use the same brands that you do.

7. Speak up about your skin sensitivities

When you pay a visit to the spa, don’t forget to inform the workers about your skin sensitivities. Not only once, but twice to make sure they remember to use hypoallergenic products.

There are a few things worse than being miserable during your trip because of sensitivity flare-ups. Hence, taking the necessary precautions for your skin is one of the best ways to ensure an enjoyable vacation. 

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