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Going off-the-grid can be exciting and scary at the same time. On one hand, you get a chance to unplug from everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature without your smartphone distracting you every five minutes. On the other, there are many necessities and comforts in life that rely on basic utilities, and most of them might not be available when living off-the-grid.

This is where off-the-grid devices come in. Here are some of the best gadgets that can make your unplugged life easier:

1. Satellite phone

Both for safety and communication, Iridium Satellite PTT phones and other satellite communication systems are must-haves for off-the-grid living. First and foremost, you need to be able to reach someone in case of an emergency, and a satellite phone will allow you to do so even when cellular signal is non-existent. At the same time, a satellite phone will let you keep in touch with loved ones, which can be considered essential for your mental health and overall well-being while away from everyone.

2. Solar chargers

Let’s face it. Many of us cannot live without power, much less the devices that run on it. Luckily for us, many solar devices allow us to live as easily and comfortably as possible while off-the-grid.

When you go to a place without power, a solar charger is an essential item to bring with you. It will help keep your shelter lit during the night and your devices charged for the next day, all in a nifty tool that’s lighter than your regular generator. While looking for a solar charger, consider the number of devices that you will be charging so that you can select one with an adequate power capacity.

3. Headlamp

A rechargeable headlamp is handy for middle-of-the-night trips to the outhouse or after-dusk wood gathering for the campfire. Furthermore, it can be a lifesaver when it comes to emergencies, and you need to have your hands free.

Before going off-the-grid, find a rechargeable headlamp that can last for at least a day on a single charge. If you’re going to spend a long time off-the-grid, a rechargeable headlamp is more cost-effective than a battery-operated one. However, you might want to pack extra batteries just in case your headlamp doesn’t get enough juice during the day.

4. Power bank

Keep a heavy-duty power bank in your backpack to keep cellphones, cameras, and other small devices charged while you’re on the go. It’s also a good idea to bring another fully charged power bank to serve as a spare in case of emergencies.

5. Solar coolers

Solar-powered coolers are a gift to campers, survivalists, and off-the-grid enthusiasts alike. With a solar-powered cooler, you can keep around two weeks’ worth of food (for three to four people) fresh, providing a fun and comfortable off-the-grid experience for everyone. Find a model that you can hook to a solar power source to ensure the cooler’s cooling capacity doesn’t run out. There are also battery-operated coolers, but these are recommended for short trips only.

6. Portable cooler

For journeys away from the camp, a portable cooler can keep your food and drinks cold even if it’s a hot day.

7. Camp stove

Gone are the days of cooking camp food in a tin can above the fire. If you want to expand your menu beyond roasted marshmallows and canned beans, a camp stove is a must-have tool for your off-the-grid experience.

Camp stoves can range from small and simple to large and multi-functional. The stove you should bring will depend on your preferences as well as how many people are in your group. For individuals and small groups, a small camp stove will suffice for simple meals. But if you have a lot of people to feed and a lot of dishes to serve, a bigger, multi-functional camp stove is the best choice. 

8. Portable Internet

For some people, living off-the-grid means unplugging from the Internet as well. However, if you still want to stay connected to the web, you can do so with a portable Internet satellite even when cellular and data networks are unavailable.

This type of device is especially useful for remote workers who want to go to different places without having to worry about their Internet connection. No matter where you are in the world, a portable Internet satellite will keep you connected.

Just because you’re going off-the-grid doesn’t mean you have to revert to caveman ways. If you’re traveling to a remote place with no electricity or signal, these off-the-grid devices will help keep you safe, comfortable, and entertained.

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