People are under a lot of stress because of their work these day. Especially, the new work-from-home culture has made it worse for them. It has become really challenging for people to push themselves out of the bed and work. Many have lost their job, not because of the pandemic but their inability to deal with their work. People have found themselves lesser productive than ever. The reason behind all this is the disturbed mental state of everyone. Since, the whole world is afraid of the virus and there is so much uncertainty regarding the future, the mental health of people has been affected. But there are things that one could do in order to cope up with the lockdown and do their best.

Dedicate a separate time slot just to vent out your emotions through art:

There are different kind of emotions that are going right now inside of people. They are in such a confused state that they can’t even make sense of these feelings in words. Therefore, the best you can describe these emotions and let it out is through some kind of an artwork. Now, if you are not even an artist, there is no reason that you shouldn’t try your hands at various art forms including Resin solution [น้ำยา เร ซิ่น, which is the term in Thai] art. You can learn about these art forms through tutorials available on the internet.

Using art as a form of therapy to relax yourself of all the stress:

The art therapy has become very common among people in past few years. While making your artwork, the one thing that you should keep in mind is not to stop yourself from creating anything you feel like. Even if your taste in art seems bizarre to you, there is no reason that you should refrain yourself from putting it on to the blank canvas. The best way to treat yourself and start therapy is to consult an art therapist who can guide you about all of these factors in more details.