The fun of using a motorbike is always excellent. You get to feel the breeze moving through your hair, electrifying. Regardless of the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with it before you proceed to buy a motorcycle, I suggest you take a review of some of its pros and cons.

Pros Of Motorbikes

It consumes less gas

 The amount of gas used in a motorbike is far less than that used in the car. Even in the long-distance journey, using a motorcycle has proven to be far less gas consuming than using a car. Also filling the gas tank of the motorcycle to the brim is quite natural because of the size of the tank.

 Fewer repairs

The cost of repairing motorbikes is quite low as compared to vehicles. Song service like an oil change can be done by the motorbike owner and does not require any particular mechanic.

Accurate parking

Packing your motorcycle, it’s quite easy as the motorcycle takes less space than and also mobile. You can be free from Motorcycle Pledge (จำนำมอไซค์ , which is the term in Thai) when you park your motorcycle accurately.

It can avoid traffic

It’s a motorcycle; it is always easy for you to be traffic. You do not have to wait for inline other vehicles as your motorcycle can travel in-between spaces on the highway.

Cons Of Motorbikes

Personal Safety

The risk of personal safety is one of the discouraging facts about motorcycles. The motorcycle is very exposed to danger, unlike the automobiles that have doors, windows and airbags. Unfortunately, if there is an accident, casualty risk when using a motorcycle will be very high.

Other Drivers

Some drivers are unaware of oncoming motorcycles when they are driving. This can make the drivers cut the motorcycles or run into them mistakenly.