Golf is unique sport indeed. the baffling fact is that in golf the player with the lowest score wins. With the golf ball completely stationary while playing. Plus, golf lets the player look classy and wear the best of the outfits.

Five benefits of playing golf for any age group

Here are the reasons why playing golf is a good way of passing time and staying active

1.staying active: the average course that the player needs to walk is over s good five miles. There is a heavy bag or trolley that the person needs to carry or push up or down a slope. This makes golf as a good sport form. An average golf player burns around two thousand to three thousand calories based on how steep the slope is. The golf swing is another form of a full body workout, working all the core muscles. Hence, a person playing golf 4 times a week can remain very fit.

  1. relaxes the mind: only ten percent the concept of playing golf is physical the rest of the ninety percent is mentally evoking. The round where there are eighteen rounds is one of the longest forms of mental exercise. The sport makes the player to constantly keep on thinking and focusing on the task. It is a great stress buster and relieves anxiety or depression.
  2. making new connections and relationships: the sport is a friendly one. It induces companionship. There are pairings and long-term players end up building strong connections with each other and sharing the field.
  3. even the old can play it: golf does not need a lot of impact to work out a shot. It causes little stress to the joints and this great for aged golf enthusiasts. This also the reason why many professional golfers have a long career than other sport before retiring.
  4. keeps you out and around nature: the golf complex where it is played is one of the most beautiful aspect of the game. The sport requires a vast amount of land to be played. The fields are lush and green. Getting golf Singapore is very easy with the mandai golf complex in northern Singapore.

Play golf in Singapore at the most dazzling golf complexes

Mandai executive golf driving range, located in northern Singapore and very close to the highway, is one od the most amazing places to enjoy the sport. It is a huge complex with numerous activities to do related to the sport. They provide beginner with golf training Singapore to get them started eventually letting them fall in love with it. To know more about their services and opening or closing times visit their website.