The following are some curious facts for you and recommendations on the transport sector.

Going on the road requires care and attention. So we select tips for beginner second hand six-wheeled trucks (รถ บรรทุก หก ล้อ มือ สอง which is the term in Thai) drivers, who are also useful drivers with years of experience, precautions to take into account when working.


  • Make sure the documents of the vehicle and the driver are in order just like the sell truck mounted with crane (ขาย รถ บรรทุก ติด เครน which is the term in Thai);
  • Perform a preventive inspection on the vehicle before traveling;
  • Do not drink alcohol;
  • If the trip is long, do not eat food difficult to digest to avoid sleep;
  • Always use seat belts;
  • Do not transport loads with excess weight;
  • Do not drive on the lane that is reserved for emergencies;
  • In case of rain and fog, keep the exterior lights of the vehicle on;
  • Respect the safety distance with respect to other vehicles


  • Try to know what is the best way to reach your destination and be careful, depending on the type of cargo you transport
  • Plan for fuel, food, and sleep stops also help reassure the trip;
  • It is important to call the sender and the recipient of the cargo

Truck And Cargo Check

  • Check the brake, air, oil pressure, pneumatic, and electric fuel systems
  • Check that the personal documents of the truck and cargo, to avoid problems with road police and road surveillance
  • Check storage load, height, ropes, canvas, seal, etc.

Your Cart

  • Avoid leaving the vehicle open or the key in the contact;
  • Never leave valuables or documents displayed inside the vehicle;
  • When parking your truck, avoid using the speed bump, except in cases of emergency;
  • Try to park your truck in an appropriate and well-lit place;
  • When receiving the signal from strangers, do not stop;
  • Installation of alarm and security system. Contract full insurance (fire, theft);