What is a holster?

A holster is essentially a pouch for your weapon. These holsters can be put around your waist, at you back or over your chest. The basic factor that guides the position of your holster over your body is whether in an emergency, it can be drawn out swiftly. Weapon holsters are made of different materials like, Leather, Ballistic nylon and Kydex. The most sought after and trusted material for making a holster has been leather since decades. Let us take you through the reasons explaining why leather gun holsters are loved.


Leather gun holsters have many features that make them stand out from rest. These features have evolved over several decades with changing requirements and environment. Modern day holsters are designed keeping in mind factors like, durability, lifetime, aesthetic etc.

Some of the stand out features that attract the attention of the market towards leather gun holsters are briefed for your understanding:-

  • Lifetime

As the name suggests, leather gun holsters are made of leather. You may never have to replace them. If it does even get damaged, you can get it repaired form a skilled leather worker or a repair person. Just small of amount of care and affection will be enough for you to keep your leather gun holsterwith you for a lifetime.

  • Comfort of use

Leather gun holsters are rigid and take shape of the gun they are holding. The holsters specifically moulded for a weapon will most likely keep their shape intact. Over the period of usage, the holster might even take the shape of the gun it holds for a better fit. Since, these holsters are rigid, guns can be drawn out and placed back swiftly. The stiff composure of leather gun holsters ensure that the holster doesn’t collapse when the gun is taken out of it. Hence, providing easy manoeuvrability to the users, aiding them in emergencies.

  • Looks

Well, to put it in layman’s language, leather gun holsters age as good as Tom Cruise and Rekhahave aged.With use, the wear and tear cause to the dye of the holster adds charm and gives it a vintage look. The aesthetics of a leather gun holster is something thatholsters made with other materials can’t compete with.

By now, you must have gained a lot of information explains why leather gun holsters are the most sought after out of all the holsters. The leather gun holsters are also soft upon your skin and prevent chaffing. Easy manoeuvrability is something that is essential for our policemen and policewomen. The police has to encounter certain exigencies where even a milliseconds of a delay in drawing out the weapon could prove dangerously injurious to them. The aesthetics of the leather gun holsters can be modified or customized. You can emboss your favourite patterns or pick the colour of dye you want on the holster. Thus, from being comfortable to being customisable, a leather gun holster has a lot to offer.