The best way to make easy money requires luck to be on your side. $656 million was the largest cash payout In the history of lotteries. This was paid by The Mega Millions lottery in the United States. Apart from the economic benefits, the lottery also offers social benefit. Majority of the lotteries are run by the government to support education, public health, infrastructure development and public safety. For example, in California, a big chunk of the revenue created by lottery tickets is used to run public schools. We all know that wining a big lottery has a very thin chance. But everyone buys the ticket thinking that someone has to win and that someone can be us. Lottery has changed lives of countless people. Everyone wishes for luxuries but not everyone is willing to work hard for them. People want easy money and the only easy money one can make is through gambling and lotteries.

How to maximize your chances of winning the lottery?

There is no easy way to predict the wining number. You can buy more tickets, stick to your lucky number, and avoid playing in patterns. Further, not buying consecutive numbers can also increase your chances of winning the lottery. Picking high number doesn’t necessarily increase your odds to win the lot but it can definitely make you less likely to split a big draw. Dedicated lottery players avoid the big Mega Millions draws instead they focus on other lotteries like Hanoi Lottery [หวยฮานอย, which is the term in Thai].

The Hanoi Lottery is quite famous:

The Vietnam lottery is also called Hanoi Lottery. The Hanoi lottery results are generally released at 18:30 Thai time. It takes a little research to learn about a lottery but if there is a win every time, you will have a higher chance of winning as compared to big lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball draws.