As an Agen Bola, you need to know about the tips and strategy of points spread in football betting. There is an argument that exists that there is no or little strategy when it comes to point spreads as a football betting method.

It is that the lines are set very tight by the bookmakers to make the point spreads to be a coin flip.  But with the right approach, they can be profitable.  You have to remember that, bookmakers make mistakes.

Though they are super good in what they do, at times, they get it wrong. And even if it does not happen, it is possible to get still a win that is high enough in percentage to be able to bit the vig. Though not easy, it is possible.

The following are advice and tips that might help you to come out with better results when you are using point spreads to bet.

You have to learn how football games are handicapped

It is advice that can be applied to any football betting style. If you want to make money, you will have to understand how handicapped people are involved in football games. Some bettors don’t bother in learning handicapping because of believing it is complicated.

It might not be. Though there is some complexity to it, the concept fundamentally tends to be straightforward.  It is possible you already have an idea of what handicapping is all about without knowing that you know.

It does not have to involve using a scientific system that is more advanced. It might just be a simple as taking into consideration some factors which might affect a game’s outcome and then ensuring you work out where you think that there is value. However, there is much more to that, bu that is the basics of handicapping.

Ignore the ATS records of the team

When betting on football using the point spread, it might be useful to consider the statistics of the team. There are specific statistics that might greatly help you when comparing two teams and coming up with a judgment that is informed about how they are likely to perform when they play each other.

But there are some stats which might not be necessary. But it does not stop the stats being used by some bettors. A team’s ATS record is such stats that you shouldn’t base your judgment upon. It is the performance of a team against the bookmakers set lines instead of based on how they performed.

Avoid betting on every game

The chances of winning on every game are 0%, as it is impossible to maintain a winning rate on each game that plays. You must be selective when making your point spreads to be able to have some wins consistently. When you bet on more games, it becomes harder to find and maintain enough percentage to win. When it comes to winning using point spreads on football, your percentages are significant.