Believe it or not, there could be substances in your dog’s food that are potentially harmful to him. If your dog isn’t getting the proper nutrition from their food, they could become difficult to manage or hard to train.And remember to look for the best residential dog training Preston  has available and start your dog in a residential dog training course.

Some pet food brands try hard to make their products appear nutritious and healthy, but you still need to read the labels and find out whether the dog food you use has any of the following chemicals:

3 Potentially Harmful Chemicals In Dog Food

Ethoxyquin- this preservative is also used for herbicide and has been banned for human consumption. However, some dog food manufacturers may still add small amounts of ethoxyquin in their products. Even at small amount, ethoxyquin is still toxic and harmful. Long-term intake of ethoxyquin may cause leukaemia, loss of hair, liver damage, kidney damage or cancer.

Butylated HydroxyAnisole (BHA)- it is a cheap preservative that can be used in pet foods to extend the shelf life for months. It may potentially cause metabolic stress, foetal abnormalities, hyperactivity, liver damage and stomach cancer to your dog.

Butylated HydroxyToluene (BHT)-it is related to BHA and also a cheap preservative. Sometimes, dog food companies use BHA and BHT simultaneously in their products. It increases risks of metabolic stress, liver issues, bladder cancer and thyroid cancer.

Each year, thousands of dogs and pets are extremely sick from food poisoning. It can be tricky to get safe food for your dog. Make sure that you check all ingredients when reading labels. If there are a few ingredients that you don’t know, you shouldn’t buy it. Write down the name of the ingredients and you may find out about them online. Some dog food manufacturers are really good at masking the actual identity of certain ingredients. If you want to give your dog the best food, you may consider buying an organic product, or just ask your residentialdogtraining Preston what they recommend.

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