You will be over whelmed to know some of the facts about the French Bulldogs. You will love these dogs, no matter what. They have proved themselves to be the perfect companions, throughout. There are facts, that you have already unearthed about them. There may be more. But, today we will let you know a few hidden facts. Let’s read on to know more.

Features You Did Not Know About The Frenchie

  • They are not of French origin. They actually resulted from cross breeding between bull dogs and terriers. They originated in England. They were made by breeders, to create a toy breed with sturdy bones and a square structure. However, most people wanted a lapdog. They are fast selling today as apartment dogs.
  • They rose to fame, after bull-baiting game was banned in England. The bigger bull dogs were no longer required. Thus, the idea arose to breed smaller dogs.
  • Moreover, they were rejected by their own breeders due to the bat ears. They travelled to France with them, and got sold there. The French Bulldog was accepted by the French ladies, as they found them to be cute.
  • Initially these cut dogs had rose-shaped ears. Americans gave these dogs their bat-shaped ears.
  • Moreover, these cut dogs have collected a lot of fans. They are YSL the fashion house, DH Lawrence and many more. Even actor Hugh Jackman has one.
  • The Frenchie Dog was one of the victims on board the Titanic. The famous ship that sank. He even acted in the film in 1997.
  • Another hidden fact about the breed, is that it cannot give birth on its own. They have to under C-section to deliver babies. Moreover, they are artificially inseminated to produce babies.
  • There are some high medical costs involved and thus is a setback for Many. However, they are still popular.

So, you see how they have risen over the years. There were some years of selfish breeding for gains by English. However, in the last century they have garnered quite a huge amount of fan following. Moreover, they are here to stay today. Furthermore, they consume less food, but cost high in terms of upkeep. That is true for any grand breed today.

 You can buy a Frenchie, if you can maintain one today. They are the perfect lap dog and will love you a lot. So, have them.