Best Powder Room Tips for Function and Style

The term “powder room,” pertaining to a closet for re-powdering wigs, has been around since the 18th century. That’s not the powder room that everyone knows of today, as it has become a valuable feature of a home.

The powder room today—sometimes called the “half bathroom”—is basically a bathroom without a shower or a bath. What’s left is the toilet bowl and the sink as the basics. Found on the first floor of the home, the powder room gives convenience to house guests because it’s easily accessible, and they don’t need to invade the privacy of individual bedrooms.

If one were to take the name literally, every room could be a powder room as long as there’s powder in it. Right? Right. That’s totally taking the actual thing out of context, but the functions and the availability of powders are so widespread in the house. They’re in the kitchen, the arts and crafts corner, and colors are even named after them.

The Kitchen

Now, there is a whole variety of powders in the kitchen once you look around. When you watch recipe videos on YouTube, some recipes add a plethora of powders in them. There’s chili, cayenne, garlic, cream of tartar, and all that cheering squad of powders to burst in your mouth.

Of course, it’s not enough to just shimmy them into every dish you cook because each spice has its own set of rules. For example, rosemary, oregano, and thyme have an earthy flavor profile while paprika and ginger are both earthy and warm. It’s great to have these lined up in your cupboard, ready for every waking day. After all, who doesn’t love a good, complex spice on their meals?

The Arts and Crafts Corner

Your little drawer of arts and crafts materials can always benefit from a bit of glitter. It’s okay, too, if it’s not your thing. It’s not the easiest thing to deal with after all, but if you’re looking for pizzazz, consider using embossing powder. With this new trick, you can have fancy greeting cards, letterheads, and basically anything you can emboss.

It’s fairly easy to use, and it doesn’t create much of a mess. For this little project, you’re going to need a piece of construction paper, an embossing heat gun, glue, and the powder. With the glue, outline the places where you want the powder to stick. Then, pour a generous amount of the powder over it. Any remaining powder should effortlessly slide from the paper and back into the container. The embossing part is where the heat gun comes in. Blow the heat directly at the areas with the powder and watch the magic happen.

The Actual Powder Room

No matter how much your liquid foundation says it’s built to last for 24 hours, you’re bound to have a retouch somewhere in the middle of the day. Especially when you have oily skin, your makeup can add to the shininess of the T-zone. Regardless of your skin type, here are foolproof steps on how to retouch your makeup anytime:

  • Blot: This can be done with either a facial tissue or a blotting paper. This is an essential step because you wouldn’t want to mix sweat and grim with makeup.
  • Add a layer of translucent powder: The powder should mattify the skin and set the makeup on your face to avoid it from melting or caking throughout the rest of the day.
  • Spritz: Setting sprays do help in the longevity of your makeup. Aside from this, it gives a feeling of being refreshed.

The Living Room

This is quite a cheat, but you’ll love hues of powder blue in your home. In fact, color psychology would suggest that blue creates an atmosphere of relaxation, security, and trust—the three things anyone would want in a home.

It gives an illusion of spaciousness in the home. It also goes well with the minimalist aesthetic since it adds a splash of color without being too aggressive. Powder blue looks great on almost anything: chairs, cabinets, doors, moldings, the couch, etc. You also wouldn’t have problems matching it with other colors because it’s pretty versatile. Pair it with white, gray, black, or accents of gold, and it won’t go out of place.

Powders have become a huge part of people’s lives. It’s used for convenience, turning actual herbs and spices into easily packed powders. It’s incredibly useful in the beauty industry with some of the best products taking its form. It’s in art, from interior design to arts and crafts, and it paves the way for different beautiful pieces.

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