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The Telugu industry receives consistent demands for new content. This is a reason why the industry never goes out of relevance. Telugu cinemas have inspired and entertained individuals for a long time. The industry keeps on hitting refresh on stereotypes with compelling stories and power-packed direction.

Commercial movies enjoy appreciation throughout, but the audience is entirely open to new genres and out-of-the-box films and shows. The continuing success of the industry has been pivotal in making regional content more accessible to the audience. Thus, the launch of various local OTT apps. View online movies free on OTT sites for a satisfying experience. 

Nagaram – A Telugu crime drama 

Directed by LokeshKanagaraj, The Telugu thriller constitutes four parallel stories revolving around four distinct characters. The lead cast involves SundeepKishan, Shri, Munishkanth, Regina Cassandra, and Charlie. The story unfolds to the four main characters who hail from small towns and arrive at Chennai. The core deals with their journeys throughout and takes on from a kidnapping that triggers a chain of unfortunate events. 

Nagaram is an Ashwani Kumar Sahadev production with brilliant execution and smooth narration. The soundtracks are refreshing and foot-tapping, which has been developed by the talented music director JavedRiaz. The screenplay contributes to a stable and seamless flow while the characters are impressive with their performances. Nagaram has suspenseful scenes which make for an impactful ride. Racy, gory and heavily realistic, the film has stunning shots covered by the cinematographer, Selvakumar. 

Nagaram is a Telugu-dubbed version of the Tamil original Maanagaram. The film is a complete win with decent dubbing and crisp dialogues. The plot is carefully intertwined to omit any loose ends that contribute most to the movie’s development. 

AHA – Catch up on the latest Telugu entertainment 

Digitalization in the present times has made connecting across boundaries pretty convenient. The advent of OTT platforms has been the biggest example of digital advancements being a boon. Over-the-top sites are entertainment platforms that provide unrestricted viewing for their users. The need for constant movie and show releases made it necessary to introduce ways to offer equal supply. 

OTT platforms are super easy and handy sources of entertainment that present the content list organized for its user base. OTT apps provide language-specific content that is spread across various genres. These platforms have a target audience and cover a single niche to gauge audience ratings better and offer tailor-made content. AHA is one such app that delivers on-demand videos exclusively for its Telugu users. It provides endless viewing without any commercial advertisements ruining the flow. 

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