Multiple bets are nothing more than a set of bets on different events or sports, where you win when you hit all the selections involved. And it is at that point, and you can have the opportunity to increase the value of your bet with the multiples. But you must match all the results of your multiple bet to win.

What are Combination Bets?

Although the name is different, combination Bandar bola bets are the same as multiple bets. However, each person has their preferred way of naming these types of bets, which is also known as a bettor’s favourite.

Accumulated Bet

The accumulated are nothing more than multipliers of odds. That is, it multiplies all the odds of the selected events. The more occasions, the higher your profit will be if you hit all the results.

What are System Bets?

In System Betting, you can win even if not all of your selections are winners. This is the big difference between Accumulation Bets and System Bets. In the case of a 2/4 System Bet, for example, you win even if you only match two of your selections.

What bets can be combined to form an Accumulation Bet?

Placing a Multiple Bet is very easy! The first point to consider is that to put a Combination Bet, and it is necessary to select a minimum of two events and a maximum of twelve. This done, now you only need to choose your best multiple. It can be in different sporting events, modalities, times and dates.


The only criteria you should consider is choosing sports or championships that you most identify with. This will help you get your prediction right, win with the bets, and earn some money.

What is Handicap Betting?

You’ve undoubtedly read that word on some gambling site, haven’t you? The term in English is common in sports betting and, although it sounds like something out of this world, it is very easy to understand. The Handicap allows us to increase or decrease the risk when betting for those who are not familiar.