The birth stroller such as a collapsible wagon is designed to welcome your newborn from its first days. Its comfort and safety are therefore essential. To be approved in France from birth, 1st age strollers must meet two criteria:

Choosing The Right Stroller

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Duo Strollers

The duo stroller stands out as an excellent choice for a newborn stroller, both for its quality and its versatility.

The duo stroller, what is it?

The duo stroller is an ideal newborn stroller for getting around. The duo strollers are part of the stroller packs offered by the manufacturers. We speak of a “duo” stroller not because they can accommodate two babies but rather because they consist of two interchangeable elements fixed on the frame: a shell and a hammock.

How to use the duo stroller?

With the duo stroller, shell and hammock both fit on the stroller frame. From birth to 12 months, the baby can be placed comfortably in the shell, in a semi-lying position. Very practical, the shell also acts as a car seat, attaching to the frame of the stroller and the car.

When your little one has grown, you can opt for the hammock. In a seated position, the baby will be comfortable in the hammock from 6 months. The hammock stroller can be used to walk your child up to the age of 3. Practical, scalable, and economical, the duo stroller can therefore be adapted from the birth of a baby until the age of three.

Trio Strollers

Like duo strollers, manufacturers also offer even more complete packs with trio strollers.

What is the trio stroller?

The trio strollers adapt to the baby’s growth and the needs of parents. Scalable up to 3 years old, the trio stroller is made up – as its name suggests – of three elements that can be fixed to the frame. Thanks to this three different equipment, this scalable stroller can meet every need according to the baby’s age. The trio stroller thus comprises:

  • a basket;
  • a shell;
  • a hammock.

How to use the trio stroller?

From the birth of your little one until about 6 months old, the trio stroller can be used as a pram thanks to the carrycot, which allows the baby to be fully stretched out. The carrycot allows you to take the baby wherever you want without waking him up. It acts as a real little bed for the baby who will be able to continue sleeping, perfectly at ease, even when out for a walk.

During a dinner with relatives or at home, the carrycot can also be used as a cradle. The shell, which can also be used as a car seat, can be used during the baby’s first 12 months. But from 6 months, your child can also be installed in a seated position. In the hammock version, it will indeed enjoy a panoramic view of the world around it.