Speed bumps are the road traffic safety and security things that ensure pedestrians in addition to vehicle security. They have multiple uses as well as can be set up in different places.

Speed bumps are generally divided right into six types based on their places. These types include freeway speed bumps, gravel roadway speed bumps, garage speed bumps, driveway speed bumps, dirt road speed bumps, as well as parking lot speed humps. Their names suggest the areas where they are utilized.

This post has described three sorts of driveway speed bumps thoroughly to assist you to recognize their function, usefulness, as well as benefits. So, keep reading for more information about a list of speed bump types.


Freeway speed bumps are installed on significant roads. Their primary objective is to manage traffic flow by imposing speed restrictions on moving vehicles.

Commonly, speed bumps are not as utilized on highways as they are used on residential roadways. It is due to the fact that vehicles on the highways move at broadband. An unexpected effect brought on by roadway bumps or speed humps can add to automobile damage. It can likewise interrupt the path of emergency vehicles.


Driveway speed bumps reduce cars moving over the driveway. Traffic devices such a speed bulge, speed table, speed-bump, web traffic cones, as well as paddings lower car speed, as well as avoid mishaps.

Speed bump also notifies the vehicle drivers of the presence of the pedestrian on a highway, driveway, or pavement. They create a safe crossing location for individuals strolling on the pedestrian going across, the pathway, and crosswalk. They require drivers to reduce speed below 15 miles/hour.


Gravel roads have no surface material included. Rather, they have gravel and dust on the surface. Consequently, when a bicyclist, vehicle driver, or any kind of various other vehicle motorist experiences this road at broadband, gravel together with dust will eliminate and may create problem to the passerby. It can additionally disturb individuals staying in the neighborhood around this roadway.