There are many tips you should get handy, depending on the different types of game within the same modality (there are, for example, many types of poker, as there are also various types of roulette or BlackJack, such as BlackJack surrender or BlackJack multiplayer ). But basically these would be the main ones.

In addition, we discovered 5 facets of this figure that you surely did not know .


Both in Blackjack and in roulette, the Croupier must calculate in a few seconds the winnings of all the players depending on their various moves. It is not the same as betting on a color, a dozen or a number or with free bets.

For this reason, the dealer must have great mental agility to avoid losing the dynamics of the game. Arithmetic skills are essential in this sector.


You must handle chips and playing cards with ease. The client cannot see anything suspicious in his movements and must trust him. Turning the cards early or delivering the wrong number of chips can create a bad image for the casino. The dealer trains in playing cards and his movements are meticulously studied.


Their way of being and their manners should be an example for the best protocol course . Not only must you treat users well, but you must maintain the forms in any situation. You should be calm and calm, regardless of the mood of the players. It requires great psychological and social work.


Although you cannot interact in player tactics, you can interact with the player himself. It should accommodate your requests and make you feel comfortable. It should energize the table or roulette, and make the game even more enjoyable.

It is important that the dealer has a gift for people and the ability to socialize with all kinds of players, from the most expert to the newly initiated.