Illuminated signs are undoubtedly one of the forms of communication that most attracts the consumer.In addition, they also help to form a positive first impression on the part of the customer. By forming a good impression, they become a source of attraction for new customers.

The Right Moment

If at the moment you have at least one Neon sign and it is not attracting customers, know that it is most likely making you lose money. And in this case, it is best to rethink your strategy, speak to the designer and send an order for printing services.

In addition, even if your claim is converting, there will sometimes be a need to change it. This is because, over time, it will become worn out (due to numerous factors) or it may become less visible due to the installation of new lights or Neon signs from the competition.

  • So, in these cases what to do?
  • Choose to create a new neon sign?
  • Develop a more modern digital sign?

In fact, it will depend on the type of business you have and the message you are trying to send! But, to help you choose the best options, here is a list of the different types of light signals.

Neon signs: What are the options on the market?

As we said earlier, there are several types of light signals and knowing them is half way to make the right choice.So, get to know the most common and their characteristics below.

Backlit Neon signs

Backlit signs are also known as lightbox signals. They use an internal light source to illuminate one of the sign’s translucent panels and, it is this translucent panel that will be printed with the logo or message that your company wants to convey. If you want to know more then click here for the perfect lighting.

One of its main advantages is versatility, since they can be customized both in terms of content and size. In this way, they can also be used internally as well as externally.

Monobloc lyrics Halo Light

As its name implies, it is a Neon advertising panel consisting exclusively of letters.As a rule, the letters are developed in metal and placed together to form a certain word. Its lighting is done through Neon lighting placed internally.In this way, it ensures that the Neon sign stands out at night.

Interestingly, the reason why these signs are called “Halo Light” is due to the effect that the shapes of light have around the letters.Their main advantage is that they only need to be lit at night. Therefore, lighting costs are much lower.

Neon signs digital sign

Digital claims

Digital advertising will help your business communicate with potential customers via a screen.Best of all, they can be placed almost anywhere you want, thus increasing interaction and, consequently, brand awareness.They are especially interesting due to the infinite programming possibilities. Still, the most common are:

Company logo and information

  • Adverts
  • Special offers
  • Product images
  • Animated videos

Neon signs

Neon signs are probably the best known (mainly because they are the oldest ones too).They are widely used in restaurants and bars, and although they are an excellent option for some areas of business, today they are not the preferred option of entrepreneurs.This is especially the case because its service life is relatively shorter than the other neon signs.

In addition, they consume more energy and maintenance has to be quite frequent.Simply put, these are the most common types of light signs. And, it doesn’t matter your area of ​​expertise! It is possible to tell the story of your brand with a highly visible and modern sign.