Buying an awning seems like a simple task. An awning, after all, is just a sheet or any material extending over an area—like a patio, a garden, a deck, or window, for example—to keep the sun, rain, and other elements off. An awning is a very small aspect of any house or structure. But as with purchasing any kind of add-on to your home, determining what awning to buy entails a lot of considerations to look into. There is a reason why you should consider getting retractable awnings MD. However, before you go into the specifics of buying an awning, you should first determine the size of awning you need to buy for your patio.


The first thing you have to do is measure the designated space for the awning, specifically the space and the window area where you will install it. Measure the area’s width, then add five inches to your measurement. Therefore, if your window is 20 inches wide, you will need an awning that is at least 25 inches wide. This measurement is for the width of the wall-mounted bar of your awning.

Next, you need to measure for the projection of the awning—or its projection. This pertains to how far the awning will extend from where it is mounted. Measure the space to be covered by the awning as this aspect will depend on how much shading you want it to provide. Of course, you will need to consider that awnings usually have a pitch; the fabric or sheet of the awning is rarely installed flat. Remember that the beam post will also set back the projection of about one foot.


Of course, measuring is just one part of preparing to buy retractable awnings MD. You will also need to examine external factors as well.

For instance, consider the space where you will use the awning on. Will the projection of the awning bump into something or are there any obstructions that might affect the installation? This will also determine if you should get retractable awnings MD or a stationary awning. Choosing between the two also entails looking into different considerations. For instance, a retractable one is more mobile, with varied sizes. Stationary ones are often used for permanent installation, commonly place in front of windows and doors.

In any case, the kind of protection you need will also determine the size of your awnings. If you simply need an awning that you will protect your doorway or window from the elements, a small one might suffice. However, if you need the awning to protect a larger area like a patio from rain and sun because you expect people to stay there, a bigger awning (that’s ideally retractable) is the best option.

Style is also a consideration as well. You would want the size of the awning to fit well in the area where you are using it. Using a big stationary awning for your doorway, for instance, might not be the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

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