Anyone who works with technical assistance and cell phone maintenance knows three main problems in this area. Typically, this trio is characterized by: problems with the screen, slowness, and battery.  Want to know the reason for this? Check it out below:

Screen Problems

Without a doubt, screen problems are the most common when it comes to cell phone maintenance. The devices are more developed than before, with durability. Therefore, in recent years, they last up to 3 years maximum and withstand small drops. But even in small ones, big accidents can occur. All this, consequently, is due to carelessness and lack of protection. Take all necessary measures not to damage your device.

So, use covers, films and keep an eye on his storage. Of course, an accident may occur from time to time, but try to avoid it whenever possible. Look for a place, preferably assistance, to do the entire security procedure with your virtual friend. And if, by chance, your screen breaks, look for one right away. No trying to fix it alone or with inappropriate tools.

Cell Phone Slow

It is expected that after a certain period of use, the cell phone starts to lock and slow down. This happens most of the time due to the continued use and constant installations, updates, and removals of applications. Remember that every cell phone has a limit on the number of apps. So, none can support so many at once. The entire application undergoes modifications as time goes by, and they are getting heavier and heavier. Thus, the maximum that a device can reach is 3 years.


Cell phone maintenance which can be seen on sites like Movical for instance can help a lot to improve its performance. In this process, it is essential that you start removing everything you no longer use or those that are forgotten in the gallery. Everything you do on your smartphone leaves a kind of footprint on your system, so it’s essential to remove anything that isn’t used often. In cases like this, you might as well clean up even if you need to, download apps for it. There are already programs that make scans that make your cell phone much lighter and working much better. Procedures of this type help to extend the life of the device a little more.

Battery Problems

Another factor that causes a lot of user dissatisfaction is the low battery life between recharges. This is often due to the way the user uses the device. Some properties and settings make the phone consume more battery, such as screen brightness, vibrate option, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, among others. But it is known that there is already a drop to at least 80% of the initial capacity after a year.

The good news is that changing a battery is not a big deal, and you don’t need to look for a cell phone repair and maintenance company for that, except for convenience.