Concealed electrical wiring is typical in modern homes these days. But what if an electrical contractor suggests you do hide electrical wiring through flooring?

Well, concealed wiring with floor covering is not chosen by several homeowners as they think is not risk-free. However, let me inform you that it’s 100% secure to have hidden circuitry through the ceiling or flooring. This is because the cables are enclosed in a PVC Channel pipe. This Channel is utilized for protection, as well as directing of electrical circuitry which is 100% secure. PVC channel pipes are utilized for electrical wiring done for fans and lights, electrical wiring, telephone wiring, etc.

Breaking/hampering the column/ beam is not legal; but, if there is a light beam or column in the wall, then it shall not be hampered or broken for hidden electrical wiring. Breaking or making any kind of modifications with the beam/column is prohibited. A cable protection floor will be done as an alternative. If in case a homeowner still wants ceiling concealed wiring, then there’s a sleeve pipeline that is utilized for columns as well as beams. These sleeve pipes are flat, thin, as well as adaptable.

The sleeve pipe thickness is the same as wire density and can be easily curved because of its versatility. For columns, the sleeve pipe is bent and afterward, the cord is traveled through it. Sleeve pipelines are made of PVC product that makes it long-lasting. There are various firms manufacturing sleeve pipelines but a company that makes the most effective quality sleeve pipeline. If you have hired a great licensed electrical contractor, he will utilize a sleeve pipeline for places where required or suggest you best options. Yet few electrical contractors would do circuitry on beams/columns, leave the wires loose, and hide them with a POP. Which is harmful and additionally develops upkeep issues like if the cord is stretched or requires to be drawn after that cousin of POP covering is done to the wire, it will not obtain stretched or drawn.