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Dogs and children may seem like a match made in heaven, but you need to be careful. Both of them are fragile in their ways and can harm each other. If you want a great relationship between your pet and your child, then you should be taking some steps to ensure that they are both safe. Here are some things that you should do.

Give Your Dogs Some Training

If you have a new dog or your pet is a bit unruly, and you expect a new child, having them go through some obedience training. That is not the simple house training that you teach them but a full course taught by experts. They can teach your pet so much more than tricks, and they will come back from it with better behavior. Additionally, this training can benefit your home for a long time since they can also learn useful lessons that they can carry their entire life.

Take the Dog to the Vet

Whether you are bringing home a new baby or a new dog, a visit to the vet is a mandatory thing. Dogs can be a source of sickness for your children. So a thorough checkup will ensure that your pet will not be a threat to your child. Have the veterinarian completely deworm and vaccinate your pet to ensure that they can come into contact with your child safely. Besides that, vets can also provide grooming services so that your pet looks good and has its claws trimmed.

Teach Your Child Safe Behavior

Your child should also get some lessons on how they should act around dogs. Many parents forget that dogs are animals, and they will react badly if they do not get the right treatment. For one, teach your child that they shouldn’t rush up and pet dogs that are new or they don’t know. This is because it is not a good idea to surprise dogs and they can react with violence.

Besides this simple precaution, you should also teach your child to behave ell around your dog. Warn them that dogs like the quiet. That means they shouldn’t run around screaming all over the place around dogs. You should also demonstrate how they should treat the dog with gentle pats and scratches under the chin. You should also stop them from stealing the dog’s toys or getting their face too close to the dog’s face. Reducing all the risky behavior that they do can be a big help in stopping incidents from happening.

Always Be There

If possible, when your dog and child are in the same area, do not leave them without supervision. Even with the right training, both child and dog can fall back into instincts. It is better to be safe and be there to stop anything from happening. For example, if you notice that the child is getting too close to the dog or the dog is getting upset, then you should separate them. It will also allow you to teach your child to teach your dog with kindness and respect. Always stop them if they start to shout, hit, or even sit on the dog. Learning positive behavior early can be very beneficial in the long run for your kid.

Your observation will also prevent one bad habit that some children do: taking things from the dog. Dogs can be very possessive, and taking things from them can lead to harmful incidents. Stop your child from stealing pet toys or more. Your presence can also be helpful when the situation is the opposite. Dogs like to play, and they might think your kid’s pets are fair game. You should be the one to retrieve the item for your child.

Additionally, don’t assume that everything will be fine if this is the second time around. If this is your second child or dog, keep on being vigilant. Your dog or child may forget the lessons of the first time around.

Give Them the Same Amount Attention

Dogs are much smarter than you think. They will notice if you are giving them less attention when your new baby arrives. To head off any problems, you should lavish them both with the same attention. Doing this ensures that they will feel good about each other.

Dogs are wonderful pets, and having your child bond with them is always a great feeling. But never forget that they are animals and require supervision. Take proper care of things; everything should turn out all right.

Meta title: Keep Your Dogs and Children Safe with the Right Approach

Meta description: We love our dogs and children, but they might not be safe with each other. If you have both in the same house, take steps to protect them from each other.


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