Making more sales without taking invasive and annoying actions in customers’ eyes can be a complex task for many entrepreneurs. So, if you want to captivate visitors and engage them with your brand, you must deliver quality content. And social networks are excellent channels for that!

If you work on Instagram, Facebook, or any other media, try to produce posts that will inform, entertain and drive your customers to buy. To help, we’ve come up with unique ideas to increase your sales on social media or visit Check it out and enjoy!

1. Create Specific Videos

An essential tip is to create specific videos, as they can engage more leads when the quality of the content is good. You can bet on videos that show your services or products, as they bring the consumer closer to your brand. Try to clear doubts by showing advantages, details, etc.

Don’t forget that when you talk about product perks, you become well-regarded on social media instead of focusing on promotions and more technical issues. Always seek to help your followers and not just sell. This is how a product has to be exposed.

2. Give Your Followers Tips

The good idea is to bet on tips related to your niche. The surveys carried out to create content will help produce these tips. By making posts like this, you become an authority in your industry — not just a salesperson. In this way, you will be stimulating interaction, in addition to promoting your product or service.

3. Show News

News is an excellent way to convey credibility to your brand. Remember that all types of news are welcome: news, surveys, forecasts, trends, etc. Trust me: news is not just a type of content for news sites and newspapers. They are also great for social media.

It’s essential to always keep in mind that consumers don’t want your company to sell to them, pushing content or services in any way. They want to be informed and impacted by valuable content which will add to and transform their daily lives. So, the news is essential to bring rational reasons for people to feel stimulated and encouraged to buy from your brand.

And remember that the surveys you choose don’t necessarily have to be directly related to your product or service; they can also be related to your brand. After all, it’s critical to show that the media is talking about your company.