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As much as we’d love to have our aging parents live with us, work and family commitments can hinder us from doing so. It’s already hard enough to balance personal life and career. And caring for an elderly on top of it can take a toll on our energy and health.

In this case, the most practical decision is moving them into a nursing home or an assisted living facility. However, if they are away from their loved ones, will our parents be happy?

Let’s see what these places have in store for the elderly.

Nursing Homes Keep Elders Busy

One common misconception about nursing homes is that elders are kept in rooms without anything to do. But Carol, an 85-year-old woman residing in one, shared that this isn’t the case at all. Seniors are kept busy with various tasks such as gardening, painting, sewing, and cooking. Though she felt sad about missing her family, she eventually found a home in the facility and felt relieved that she no longer had to trouble her loved ones.

Emily, a 75-year-old who lives in the same nursing home as Carol, had a similar story. She was initially upset about leaving her house, but in time, the nurses in the facility became like daughters to her. She wasn’t forced to do anything she didn’t want to, and her fellow residents felt like family to her.

Elders like Carol and Emily show that nursing homes are a safe and healthy place for senior adults. They provide entertainment, health care, communities, and their loved ones can visit them frequently.

If you’re worried about your parents being abused, visits can prevent that. You can immediately see signs of physical force or hear about it from your parents themselves. However, to ensure that no abuse will happen, choose the right institution by researching well and observing the staff.

Assisted Living Allows Elders to Maintain a Level of Independence

65% of elders between the ages of 65 and 70 find it easy to live independently. In this case, they have an option to move into a reputable assisted living facility, where they can maintain a level of independence while having their health and well-being monitored.

Like nursing homes, assisted living facilities also offer socialization opportunities. Your parents can find a community there as well as safe solitude.

If you’re confused about the difference between a nursing home and an assisted living facility, the latter is an option for seniors who are mostly independent but would need help in some aspects of their everyday living. Some examples are in bathing or housekeeping.

On the other hand, nursing homes are for the elderly who require 24-hour supervision.

Hence, if your parents are still healthy, with only a few mobility issues, assisted living is a better option for them. These communities have a 93% satisfaction rate, so without a doubt, seniors are thrilled with the quality of life they’re getting.

Your parents’ enjoyment is guaranteed because assisted living can offer restaurant-style dining, travel opportunities, help with household tasks, and hotel-like suites for couples. What’s more, they will be allowed to pursue their passions, from art to sports to academics.

Life in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Isn’t Forever

It’s hard for seniors to leave their homes, but nursing homes or assisted living can be temporary. If their health issues are resolved soon, there’s a 24% chance of them leaving a nursing home in less than a year. Hence, encourage your parents to take care of their health and to listen to their doctors and nurses. In turn, they can spend time with you and their grandchildren again, and more often this time, for the rest of their lives.

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