Hemp and cannabis-derived beauty products have gained more and more attention in recent years as tremendous progress has been made toward hemp farming legalization. Having chapped and severely dry lips are usually caused by factors such as exposure to environmental factors, dehydration, nutrient deficiency, UV damage, underlying medical conditions etc. Lip balms are the best product in order to combat such unavoidable situations. However, not all lip balms are created with the same ingredients and you never know if it will do harm more than good.

What makes CBD balms shine more than the conventional lip balms? With the help of CBD oil, it will seal moisture to your lips leaving it smooth and shiny. A quality CBD lip balm can also help alleviate tenderness and inflammation associated with dry, flaky, and cracked lips. The Love CBD Balm UK is the multi-purpose, CBD-rich skin balm that contains the extract of hand-harvested cannabis which was grown in the sunny climes of Slovenia and Croatia. There are three sizes of Love CBD Balm:

  • The 10g jar contains 100mg of CBD
  • The 30g jar contains 300mg of CBD
  • The 100g jar contains 1000mg of CBD

All made with Full Spectrum of Cannabis Extracts. The cannabis used is grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or harmful chemicals. If you are interested in other CBD products, check out this infographic from Love CBD.


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